Update on move from LA to Austin

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Update on move from LA to Austin

Postby patkhu » Fri Oct 08, 2004 1:52 pm

Hi there,

Here's a quick update of my experience. I would recommend both vendors based on my experiences.

Gemini Moving Systems, agent for United
Quoted 8500 pounds at @ $4812 with GNTE
Actual weight was 7020 pounds at $4112, and husband viewed the weights.
My stuff arrived in fine condition, although the movers at the delivery end weren't as careful as they could have been about stacking boxes. Many things that said "Nothing on top" had heavy boxes on them coming into the house.

Tn'T Auto Shippers
Shipped 2001 New Beetle for $790 including insurance
This was the best moving experience ever! They called me the day I was supposed to drop my car at the terminal and told me to get there ASAP b/c a truck was going to TX that day. I couldn't because my movers were still loading. They sent a shuttle free of charge to pick up my car and took it to the truck. My car arrived in Austin the same day I did, and it was in great shape. I would highly recommend this company. They had great customer service all thr way through, and a competitive price.


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Re: Update on move from LA to Austin

Postby Diane » Fri Oct 08, 2004 2:19 pm

Thanks, Lisa, for getting back to us. "Lynn" also had a great experience with Tn'T. I'm going to add both of your reviews of that company to our main Auto Transporters thread started by "jrebeiro."

The website for Tn'T is http://www.tnt-inc.com. I am a little curious about why (according to the BBB) Tn'T in June 2004 started a new company at the same address under the same ownership called Chicago Express.

Regarding Gemini, that is really good to hear. I think you said Broadway Express quoted you around $3000--although they didn't have a truck available in the end. By paying only $1100 more you got a full-service move plus valuation protection, so I think you did very well, especially since you were under a lot of time pressure.

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