Move from NYC to Austin

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Move from NYC to Austin

Postby Panda » Mon Oct 11, 2004 9:51 am

I recently moved from NYC to Austin and wanted to post a positive message about my move.

Initially, we solicited 5 estimates from NYC agents of national movers, including Liffey, Nassau Worldwide, Flatbush, A-1 and University. At first, I spent a significant amount of time with one agent, A-1, who seemed professional and gave a competitive non-binding estimate. However, as I became closer to finalizing arrangements with them, they turned around and raised the basic discount rate, resulting in a significant increase to the price of our move. This late change in the basic terms of the move caused me to doubt their credibility and ultimately I began negotiating with another agent, Flatbush.

Wise choice in retrospect. The representatives at Flatbush were direct and honest. They promised delivery of boxes at a certain time and date and delivered pursuant to their promise. They advised about all potential costs, including the possibility of needing a shuttle since we live in Manhattan. (Ultimately, the Wheaton driver determined that no shuttle was necessary). They advised about the costs associated with moving into a storage facility. They also gave us the best basic discount rate (65%).

Our Wheaton driver and crew were equally professional and trustworthy. (Thank you, Vince and Jermaine). They picked up our stuff timely and delivered it early, all the while keeping in touch with us via cellphone. They also were nice guys with a sense of humor.

Finally, they came in under the estimate. This result was perhaps the best part of our experience considering we had a non-binding estimate and I was unable to observe the weighing of the truck.

So hats off to Flatbush and Wheaton for a good move.

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Re: Move from NYC to Austin

Postby Diane » Mon Oct 11, 2004 11:36 am

That's great to hear, Panda. I'll certainly keep your report in mind in advising others about reputable NYC moving companies. It's good that Flatbush was so professional and that Wheaton performed so well on a move of this length.

"Austinbound" hasn't gotten back to us about his own move from NYC to Austin. He chose University Van Lines, an Atlas agent in Rahway, NJ that has many good reviews here. Maybe he'll see this review and post.

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