Worldwide Relocations is a scam! I was ripped off.

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Worldwide Relocations is a scam! I was ripped off.

Postby Taisuke » Tue Dec 14, 2004 9:18 pm


I have been scammed with a shipment from Seattle to Wellington. I paid them the initial quote of $2300 on October 15th, 2004. Then about a month later, they called me to tell me that the goods had arrived in Wellington, but that I owed them another $1400 in overflow. After I paid it, there stopped contacting me - my repeated emails only got vague answers like "we're looking into it".

I finally got sick of hearing this, so I emailed the subcontractors WWR had hired to move my goods to the port in Seattle. Lo and behold, it turns out that the goods are still in a warehouse over there! Nothing has been shipped, and there is no indication that they were intending to do so either.

My attempts to contact them on the phone have been futile. The only time you can get through to someone is if you pretend to be a prospective customer.

I have filed with all the agencies recommended by various posts on the web. If you have been scammed by these guys, please do so as well. The more voices protesting, the better chance there is if something being done.

I have a post on the squeaky wheel at - please click on it as it will send Patrick Costadoni an email everytime you do!

- t


Re: Worldwide Relocations is a scam! I was ripped off.

Postby TakeAStand » Thu Dec 16, 2004 12:13 am

So far I am having very good luck with Rainier Overseas out of Seattle/Tacoma. After my goods were sitting at a local warehouse for 2 1/2 months (I tracked them there on my on initiative based on pickup paperwork) I did manage, with a collection attorney's help, to get my goods released from Worldwide to enable the local pickup company to turn the shipment over to Rainier Overseas. They quoted me about $2000 less than I had already paid World Wide. The goods left here within a week and have arrived at the port in Germany on Dec. 9th as stated and the European agent there is in touch with the local relatives and the goods are to be actually delivered tomorrow, Dec 16th. Had I not gotten involved with World Wide's antics my goods would have arrived in Europe no later than Sept 30th (they were picked up August 12th) and for considerably less. I would recommend Sonya at Rainier Oveseas as someone to deal with based on the experience I have had with them taking over my shipment and getting it on its' way. Jack Brown at Gulf Coast Collections in Florida has helped with releasing the shipment and has filed a demand letter for the sum I payed World Wide. I hope this information helps those who sill have goods somewhere in the great void.


Re: Worldwide Relocations is a scam! I was ripped off.

Postby Taisuke » Thu Dec 16, 2004 2:32 am

Thank you so much TakeAStand! Your info is really helpful - I will be getting in touch with Jack Brown and Rainier Overseas tomorrow. Glad to hear that you managed to get your goods eventually. I wonder if Mr. Brown would mind if we recommended his name to other people who have been scrwed by WWR?

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Re: Worldwide Relocations is a scam! I was ripped off.

Postby Diane » Thu Dec 16, 2004 9:05 am

Thanks, TakeAStand, for this very useful information. I'm wondering whether it's OK to use Rainier OS if you're not in the Seattle area, since one of the volunteers here (Michael) has repeatedly said that people should use a local company. Any comments about this from the moverpros would be most welcome.


Re: Worldwide Relocations is a scam! I was ripped off.

Postby TakeAStand » Fri Dec 17, 2004 12:54 pm

Ok, I am definitely recommending these two companies.

Bekins Northwest (not affiliated with Bekins national company) who picked up and crated my belongings under contract to World Wide

Rainier Overseas who took over the shipment after I got a release from World Wide and picked it up from Bekins Northwest and got it to the port of Tacoma and loaded on a container ship and sent directly to the port of Bremerhaven, Germany.

Goods were delivered to my son's apartment yesterday. Excellent crating and packing by Bekins Northwest. Pictures, mirrors, mountain bike, furniture all arrived in excellent condition with no damage.

Rainier Overseas's European contact named Uwe handled the move on that end. According to my son, "always accessible, great communication, excellent English". Moving truck arrived with "two of the nicest Germany guys ever" and unloaded and set-up furniture with no damage to goods or house.

These two companies have proved that there are good , reputable, competent moving people out there and I hope that those companies will begin to be a little more selective about who they accept consignments from as it really affects the whole industry.

A happy end to our moving story after a long 4 months. I still am trying to collect the money I paid to World Wide. I will let you know how that eventually works out.

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Re: Worldwide Relocations is a scam! I was ripped off.

Postby Diane » Fri Dec 17, 2004 1:13 pm

Great to hear - if you would want to post information about your cost with the reputable companies vs. what you paid to WWR (and what you MIGHT have paid in the end), that would be useful as well.

I'll keep this good report in mind but would still feel better if someone in the moving industry would post that it's OK to use Rainier OS even if you don't live in the Pacific Northwest, since Michael has said that it's best to use someone local.


Re: Worldwide Relocations is a scam! I was ripped off.

Postby TakeAStand » Sat Dec 18, 2004 3:24 am

I paid World Wide approx $6,000 total as a result of the usual "your cubic footage was more than we had originally estimated". I paid Rainier Overseas approx $4600. I am approximating rather than pull out all of the paperwork just now to get exact dollars and cents. The $1400 difference might apply to the pickup by Bekins Northwest. After crating, they also held on to the shipment for an additional 2 1/2 months because of lack of shipping directions and, I believe, payment. I don't know what the normal charge would be for pick-up, driving 30 miles, crating and then storing for 2 1/2 months. World Wide did pay them their part before the shipment was released to Ranier and then I only paid Rainer.

I felt that I would probably continue to see my rates increase with World Wide, my blood pressure go up, be in an ever increasing communication challenge, and risk losing my shipment in some location that I was not able to access. I rationalized that the $10,000 total that I ended up paying was about what I would end up paying if I stayed with World Wide but I didn't have the stress and the irritation and the hours of time that I would spend on trying to move the shipment ever forward plus the risk of losing the shipment or having it damaged, etc. Once I booked with Rainier things just clicked along, stress free and arrived safe and sound and in about 6 weeks from the date they quoted me.

Sucked in by WWR

Re: Worldwide Relocations is a scam! I was ripped off.

Postby Sucked in by WWR » Sun Dec 19, 2004 8:46 am

Taisuke and others - I'm in the same situation. They've had my stuff hostage for months because I refuse to pay these ridiculous new charges that are over and above the original estimate and which they refuse to explain.

Can you explain the process of having my shipment "released"? Will I get my deposit back from WWRelocations? Will I have to pay them even more money to get the shipment released?

Also, anyone reading this, please report your experiences to the Federal Maritime Commission. They've had tons of complaints against Patrick's goons and would like everyone who's been cheated to send them reports of their experiences.

I hope Patrick and his gang go to jail for what they've been doing to people. Crooks in suits are still crooks.


Re: Worldwide Relocations is a scam! I was ripped off.

Postby Taisuke » Tue Jan 11, 2005 9:53 pm

Here's an update with my situation - after the FMC got involved, Patrick finally started responding to my emails. I had asked for proof that he had paid all of the carriers involved with my move, and he promised to get it to me within two weeks.

Three weeks went by, and I am still waiting to hear back from him (not that I was holding my breath). In the meantime, WWR has had their good standing with the BBB revoked, and more importantly, it turns out they aren't even licensed to ship internationally.

I'm one of the lucky ones who actually know where my goods are, so I sent them a letter to release my goods from WWR's care. Apparently there has to be some specific statements in there, which I managed to get with help from the kind people at the FMC. I'm posting the letter I sent in case others want to cut their ties with WWR.

I have a collection agency attempting to recover the $3900 I paid them.


Dear Mr. Costadoni,

This letter is to inform you that Worldwide Relocations is hereby released as my agent. I am revoking any express or implied Powers of Attorney, and informing you that Worldwide Relocations no longer has the authority to act on my behalf with regards to my shipment.

From hereon, I am assuming full responsibility for the shipment. Worldwide Relocations no longer has any rights or obligations with respect to my goods.

I am dismissing Worldwide Relocations as my broker because you have failed to adequately represent me and to protect my interests, and I reserve the right to seek indemnification from you for any charges, penalties, or disadvantages that I have suffered as a result of your agency.

[name here]

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Re: Worldwide Relocations is a scam! I was ripped off.

Postby MusicMom » Tue Jan 11, 2005 9:58 pm

Way to go, Taisuke!

I've bookmarked this thread for future references.

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Re: Worldwide Relocations is a scam! I was ripped off.

Postby twalker » Tue Jan 11, 2005 10:29 pm

Very nice Taisuke! Let us know how this turns out!

Tim Walker

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Re: Worldwide Relocations is a scam! I was ripped off.

Postby Tyrone » Tue Jan 11, 2005 10:51 pm

Hopefull you sent that letter via certified mail, return receipt requested...
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Re: Worldwide Relocations is a scam! I was ripped off.

Postby Essex-girl » Wed Feb 02, 2005 7:43 pm

Most of your stories sound identical to my experience with WWR. I can't understand how WWR can continue to scam people and get away with it. My 8 month old daughter has been sleeping in her play pin for two months now since WWR is holding our stuff hostage. We have been in contact with the local agents who still has our goods. Unfortunately they told us that they have not been paid by WWR. We sent a letter dismissing WWR as our agents today but I was wondering if anyone has had any luck getting their goods back without having to pay the local agent. Help!

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Re: Worldwide Relocations is a scam! I was ripped off.

Postby Francisco » Wed Feb 02, 2005 8:53 pm

I'm still trying to work things out myself.

Patrick personally got involved back in April of 2004!!!! when I was shipping furniture and other personal affects from Spain to Canada.

Moving Services was the company I originally contracted, but, WWRelocations were the ones doing all the work (thus Patrick being involved from the beginning with me) . The magical word over-flow was used (I ended up paying $5,500 for a move that was orignally quoted at 3,000).

Numerous calls to Moving Services were made and regular promises were being made (even faxes stating a delivery date) regarding delivery which came from their agent (WWRelocations according to everyone at Moving Services)).

Now Moving Services is out of business / bankrupt / whatever....

So I call / contact Patrick directly......

He promises up and down that things will be cleared up (this was in November).... guess what.... no calls.

I always have to be the one that yells and screams in order to get anything looked at....

I finally get Customs delivery authority and Long room document paperwork from WWRelocations in December which I take to our Customs office here in Canada to be stamped.
I then fax the information back to Maisliner (the name of the cargo company on these forms) and wait.....

Not until I call WWR back a few more times do I find out that there are additional charges.... that apparently there has been accumulated costs for storage.... When I take a closer look at the Customs Delivery Authority Copy, I see that they've had the shipment here in Canada since May 17th, 2004!!!!!!!!!!

When I call Maisliner myself, they tell me that they've been trying to get the agent (WWR) to release my name to them for months (since apparently WWR wasn't doing anything to get this straightened out).

Even worse, Maisliner tells me that they can't deal with me directly. Thus I can't just pay them to get this all behind me and delivered.
I don't trust WWR to do their job and I don't think it's reasonable to pay them another cent.

WWR still does not return my emails/calls and whenever I do get a hold of Joe, he says that it's up to the principles to approve the payment to Maisliner (apparently the two principles are Patrick and someone called Steve Kuller).

Any suggestions?

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Re: Worldwide Relocations is a scam! I was ripped off.

Postby MusicMom » Thu Feb 03, 2005 10:04 pm

I know Tim is trying to make sure that all victims file complaints here but please also go to Those complaints tend to pop up higher on Google, and thus would get more attention from future victims- I mean customers.

Have you yet contacted the Federal Maritime Commission? Also try the FL Attorney General and the Miami FBI.

I am also truly heartbroken from story affter story from victims of this company. I for one will be celebrating along with you when they haul Patrick et al. off to jail.

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