Nevil Transportation Group, San Jose, CA branch

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Nevil Transportation Group, San Jose, CA branch

Postby s002cjs » Tue Dec 28, 2004 10:18 pm

The Company:
Nevil is an agent of North American Van Lines and holds the web site, I have used them before with some success (the sales people and movers are wonderful people and definately not to blame for my incident), however will no longer recommend them after my most recent incident.

The Scam:
I received a 'not to exceed' estimate based on an apartment of items, although we indicated that we would be moving some of it before the moving date (thus there would be less to move than estimated). This estimate was charged to my credit card after the contract was signed.

The day of the move, the items were moved very quickly taking one hour less than the estimated time. The movers marked the actual times (including additional drive time) and we signed off on it (including his borrowing my cell phone to call in and confirm the times with the home office).

After waiting, I had to call in to request the difference be re-credited to my credit card (this has happened both times I've used them, by the way). They ended up crediting only part of the difference. After repeated calls, the only explanation I was offered was 'our movers are not accountants, they wrote the times down wrong'. Doubting myself, I double-checked my cell phone records and electronic entry records for the facility where the items were moved, and I confirmed that the times on my copy of the contract were indeed correct. Nevil refused to consider any of this.

I filed a complaint with the BBB to get it on the record (they did respond, indicating that they had credited me back the partial amount). Only after sending a note to the Director of Operations (the one being difficult to deal with) and copying the president of the company was I sent a copy of the 'updated' contract. They had basically changed the times and some other charges to make up some of the difference between the estimate and the actual charge.

Fortunately, the investigating team from my credit card felt I was correct and credited me back the difference. If I had paid with cash or check, I'd probably have ended up in court with them. Now I wait and see if the company tries to do anything else, and I guess I need to go shopping for a new moving company.

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