Any reviews for "The moving Connection " NJ

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Any reviews for "The moving Connection " NJ

Postby move2az2 » Wed Feb 02, 2005 11:17 pm

A big thanks to all those of you who maintain and contribute to this site.

We moved once from SF to NJ two years back and a terrible experience with our movers, West Coast East Coast Movers of San Jose. Now we are moving from NJ to Phoenix, AZ and this time I determind to do my homework and do what it takes not go through what I did last time.

I went in detail through this webiste and had short-listed two movers since both were members of BBB, had satisfactory records , were not on this site's blacklist and the insurance info etc. at the SAFER WEB web-site were fine. I got the estimates too, but then on diggging a bit deeper into this forum found out that one of them, White Glove Moving and Storage Inc of Jersey City NJ was no good.

Now the other person on my list is "THE MOVING CONNECTION" of Saddlebrook ,NJ. They came to my house, but are giving only a CC based estimate along with verbal assurances that if on the day of the move, I have the same list as they have made today ,there will be no extra charge. I have a quote of $2,816 on an estimate of 618 CC (@ $4.50/CC) .

I have decided to try University Van Lines,Rahway, NJ 07065 , Wade Odell Wade Midland Park, NJ 07432,and Holman Moving Systems .My only concern is that I am running short of time, I have to move by the end of next week.

Any inputs on The Moving Connection or any other suggetsion for parties other than those I have listed would be very appreciated.
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Re: Any reviews for "The moving Connection " of

Postby twalker » Wed Feb 02, 2005 11:28 pm

Hi move2az2,

I have a quote of $2,816 on an estimate of 618 CC (@ $4.50/CC)

When you say "CC" do you mean "CF" for cubic feet? If so don't waste your time with the company. You should only be getting Guaranteed Not to Exceed (GNTE) estimates from companies that are based on weight.

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Re: Any reviews for "The moving Connection " of

Postby Diane » Wed Feb 02, 2005 11:35 pm

Hi - congratulations on escaping White Glove. A company named The Moving Connection based in NJ has been discussed here and found to be highly dubious - There are several other threads where a company with that name, but supposedly located in CA, has been discussed. You can see all this if you do a search on "Moving Connection" in quotes using the search button above. Chances are that the two Moving Connections are (pardon the expression) connected since a company will often have several supposed locations, one or all of which are just mail drops. Bottom line: rule out A Moving Connection.

The three companies that you're now considering all have good reviews or comments on this board. In addition, I suggest that you call American Movers in Long Branch, which has been highly praised by one of our moverpros and might be slightly lower in cost because of its location:
weem wrote: American movers in Long Branch---he is Global and North American-----they are straight shooters.---and aggressive price-wise............ 800-982-0130

If all turn out to be too expensive for you, and you would consider a U-Pack, We-Drive company, you might want to look into Broadway Express (75 good reviews at the top of the messageboard). They are likely to be about 40% below the cost of a full-service mover. Judging from your estimate from A Moving Connection, you have less than 10 linear feet and your cost with BE would be about $1585 including fuel surcharge. You would also pay the driver a small amount to help you load and unload--maybe $100. Go to to check it out.

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Re: Any reviews for "The moving Connection " NJ

Postby move2az2 » Wed Feb 02, 2005 11:59 pm

Wow, that was prompt Tim and Diane ! Thx. Yes, that CC should have read CF . I will look up the other company Weem suggested too. We-load you-drive will not be possible I am afraid, cannot do all the lifting.

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Re: Any reviews for "The moving Connection " NJ

Postby Michael » Thu Feb 03, 2005 3:29 pm

You might try McCollisters Transportation Systems (United), if they are in your area. They have a Phoenix agent as well. Only reason I auggest that for a quote.

Best of luck,

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