Broadway Express / Coral Springs Moving

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Broadway Express / Coral Springs Moving

Postby dsbaze2 » Wed Mar 23, 2005 6:09 pm

I found Broadway Express through this website and they were excellent-I had contracted with a traditional mover (Coral Springs Moving and Storage aka GOBUCKS) and ended up throwing them out of my house-called Broadway Express the same day and they had a truck to my house in Coral Springs Florida within a few days-the truck was right on time and so was the delivery on Cape Cod-the driver (James Johnson) was excellent and was a big help with the loading and unloading-I also got moving helpers from and they did an excellent job (Best movers in Florida and Mighty Movers in MA.)-Anybody planning a move should definitely use Broadway Express-they delivered exactly as promised

Coral Springs Moving is a local company and everyone in Coral Springs has heard of them-when I contracted with them I was adamant that I wanted my belongings loaded directly on to the truck that would be bringing them to Ma. The estimator assured me that not only would it be the same truck but that the same crew that was moving my things north would do the loading in Coral Springs.

When the movers arrived to load the truck there were only two men instead of three (one had a problem with his wife and got involved with the police, and they were a local pick up crew not Coral Springs employees) and the man in charge told my wife that he was out until 4 AM the night before and that he really didn't want to do the job.

I called the office to ask a question about the truck and learned that my belongings would be transferred at their yard onto the interstate truck when it returned to Fl in one week. At that point I told all concerned that they lied to me and then threw them out of the house.

Rescued by BE

Re: Broadway Express / Coral Springs Moving

Postby Rescued by BE » Tue Jul 05, 2005 7:09 pm

I originally agreed to a move from Virginia to Mississippi with Coral Springs Moving & Storage (FL), which I found through (which I should have learned from this site to avoid). I chose them mainly because of price. I had a small load (about 750 lbs), and they were going to charge me by weight, rather than a minimum of one or two thousand pounds, like the larger movers. This would have saved me several hundred dollars. As a regional mover, they don't come through Virginia every week, but I told them I could be flexible both on the pickup date and drop-off date, with one condition: I *had* to be out of my apartment by May 31.

My contact at Coral Springs (a woman named Marty) said that would be fine, and that she would get back in touch me me closer to the end of May when she could confirm a date. I have all this in writing, by the way, AND I got the ball rolling two full months in advance to avoid last-minute hassles.

To make a long story short, as the end of May kept getting nearer, I kept checking in with Marty to see if we could firm up a date. I started getting nervous, which is when I found You guys have some info on Coral Springs (and their manager used to post occasionally), and though there were some complaints, the upshot seemed to be that they were honest, just a little unreliable b/c of their size. Boy, were they.

Finally, with less than two weeks to the end of the month, I call Marty yet again and she says, "Yes, we can confirm that we have a truck coming through -- the first week of June." She didn't seem to think that she had definitively agreed to my one simple but vital condition, and she seemed oblivious to how badly she was leaving me in a lurch.

I called two or three movers in my area to see if they could help, but at this point, everyone was booked. I remembered seeing lots of good comments on your site about BE, so I gave it a shot and lucked out. Trent Dufour was very nice and helped get everything set up on very short notice. Everything went as well as advertised, from the dispatcher (Trent) to the driver (Bob Ostrowski).

I did have to pay for a minimum 10 linear feet, even though I used much less, but all-in-all it cost me $1450 to move from Virginia to Mississippi (about 1000 miles), which is not terrible. BE's system is to let you load and unload yourself, and Trent had explained to me that he thought Bob normally didn't unload.

But Bob helped stack stuff for me once I got it on the truck, and once he saw how small my load was I asked if he'd be willing to help my parents unload in Jackson and he agreed (I couldn't be there -- long story). Bob was too nice to tell me how much money he might expect to get for it, so I just told my dad to see how long it took and go by that. My dad gave him $40 for about 30 minutes' work. Later Bob even UPSed me a bundle that accidentally got left on the truck, and I didn't have to pay for it.

So, a thumbs up for BE and a BIG thumbs down for Coral Springs Moving and Storage.

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