Estimate by hrs. not weight or cubic ft.

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Estimate by hrs. not weight or cubic ft.

Postby jycau » Thu Apr 14, 2005 11:56 am

Diane, thank you for your encourgement to Sr. moving after 30 yrs.
We will be moving next week from Palo Alto CA to a retirement complex in Ventura CA. Had first estimate from Shamrock Moving & Storage of S. F.
Have read "Understanding Estimates" and"How to find a reputable mover".
I was surprised by the estimate being by hrs. We have tried to get rid of things like Washer/dryer, refrig.,extra beds, lvingrm chairs, sofas, etc and things not needed in senior apt., but the estimate is still for 24 hrs to pack and unpack in one van. The access to the sr. apt. in Ventura is complicated as they cannot park close to apt.
All in all, estimate of $5,261. is for 3 days, l van, 3 men and 24 hrs.
Does this seem high to others as it does to me, especially since we haven't moved in 30 yr.?
Would like to hear what others think.

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Re: Estimate by hrs. not weight or cubic ft.

Postby Nancy » Thu Apr 14, 2005 12:12 pm

In California, any moves over 100 miles MUST be done by weight. All movers are regulated by the PUC, and it states this in the Important Information Booklet. The fact that this mover priced incorrectly is a red flag to me. To check them out, you should call the CMSA,

Also, during your inhome estimate, did they give you the "Important Information" booklet? If not, they are due a $100 fine. Movers MUST provide that in the state of California. I'd also talk to the PUC,

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Re: Estimate by hrs. not weight or cubic ft.

Postby Diane » Thu Apr 14, 2005 12:26 pm


I agree with Nancy. Shamrock quoting by the hour is a red flag. In addition, this company has had 11 complaints with the BBB over the past 36 months. That is on the high side, depending on how many moves they do. They are a small company. I agree with Nancy's advice to call the CMSA to see what they say.

People who haven't moved their main residence in 30 years have often accumulated a lot of stuff. I gather that your quote was for a full pack, move, and full unpack. That's why Shamrock was saying it would take three days. Maybe they were including a shuttle at destination too.

Can you post how large (number of square feet) your present residence is? I assume it's a house.

I would advise you to call Delancey Street Movers in San Francisco, a company that I know to be reputable, to get another in-house estimate. Here is a thread giving reviews and contact information -

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