Helpful review of ABF on Epinions

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Helpful review of ABF on Epinions

Postby Diane » Thu Apr 28, 2005 10:29 am

Occasionally I re-post reviews of ABF U-Pack that were posted on Epinions if they contain useful packing tips. Here is one such review -


Author: jpegan
Post date: Apr 27 '05

Reasonable price; gas included in price

Need to ensure adequate labor on each end

The Bottom Line
If you're operating on a budget and can take the time and effort to pack, load, then unload everything, ABF U-Pack is the way to go.

Full Review
We had a great experience with ABF U-Pack with our move from SC to OK. The local ABF dispatch offices were easy to work with for scheduling the drop-off and pick-up of the trailer. At our destination, the driver was gracious to wait for us to unload the trailer so we didn’t have to contend with a 28-foot trailer over the weekend.

We were blessed to have willing volunteers on each end to load/unload. It took about 2 hours to load everything from our 1 bedroom apartment, and 1 hour to unload.

Since packing the trailer “just right” was crucial to taking up the least amount of linear feet, we asked a friend to serve as logistics manager (recommended on U-Pack’s DVD) on the trailer for the day of the move. He was a great help in that role. The rest of us carried all of the boxes and furniture outside the trailer in order to figure out the best way to load. Since we were moving from an apartment, there wasn’t much room to “mock pack” in advance, but it might make sense to do so if you have the room.

We had no issues with “road dust” as we saw in other reviews, though we did wrap our clothes and mattresses in plastic just in case.

Our original quote was for 6 linear feet. Though it ended up being 7 feet, that still beat any “you drive it” truck rental costs (which, unlike U-Pack’s quote, did not include fuel and tolls). It was well worth it to us not to have to drive a truck and our vehicle 1000 miles.

- U-Pack’s DVD – Request it for free after you have a quote number. They have some great moving tips. The whole video is less than 30 minutes.
- Get a ramp on each end. ABF should cover the cost of the one on the origin, so it should only cost $50.
- “Egg boxes” – Request them from a local supermarket (should be free). Having the same size box makes it easy to build a “wall” of boxes in the trailer.
- Other assorted boxes – You might find these from a supermarket also for free. Break them apart and use for protecting furniture and relatively flat objects (like framed artwork). We did not use these for our dining room chairs and they got a little banged up.
- Washer pack – For top-loading washing machines, this immobilizes the agitator.
- Ladder – You’ll need this to pack to the full 9’ height of the trailer.
- Mattress bags – We got these for about $4 each from U-Haul. These tape closed.
- Quilted blankets – We rented a dozen of these from U-Haul. Make sure you give yourself enough rental time, as the standard time U-Haul assumes is based on their time estimate to drive to point A to point B. Because U-Pack’s timeframe was 2 days longer than U-Haul’s, we had our originating U-Haul charge us $20 (as opposed to the “standard” $10).

Amount Paid (US$): 951

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