Guide Me Great Board Saints

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Guide Me Great Board Saints

Postby martyw » Mon May 16, 2005 2:53 pm

What a great help this is.

So, My wife and I to move from New Canaan, Ct to Yorktown, Ny around June 28, '05 ; about a 40 min road trip. From house we're renting here to house we've bought. Just moved here about 2 yrs ago. Most everything we have was in my wife's 2 bdrm apt before - added a few things , not much.
Was all excited about the Delancey Street Movers branch nearby in Brewster, Ny ( I'm AA , recovering alcoholic, 15yrs ) till the recent posts . Am interested in All Star Moving or University Van Lines. Though I'm confused by the relationship of Univ V Lines to " Atas " ? Does U V Lines have its' own Website ?
My wife has found some document from NOAH'S ARK , who moved us to here. Stamford , Ct to New Canaan , Ct. , 20 min ride. Hard for me to decipher. March '03 , Estimate page reads as: 4 men $109.00 an hour for 6.5
hr = $708.50 ; travel time 1 hr at $109.00 an hr = $109.00 ; materials : $75.00 ; TOTAL : $829.50 ( 10% discount on labor )
What looks like a reciept here has total of $899.00. Start 9:15 finish : 2 something ( can't make out the writing ) ; Job Hrs 5.5, travel 1 hr , total 6.5 . Seems to be about $100.00 in materials, and something called Valuation around $150.00.
I was here at the move; about 4 Israeli boys - real nice hard working - no damage.
The $ 109.00 an hr seems less than what I tend to see on this forum for good movers ?
Did we just luck out using NOAH's ARK ?
Does the reciept info help me in any way estimate what the next move might cost ? Not many steps on either side.
Should I definitly hold out for an on site estimate ?
What developements on the Delancey Street Front ? They were sounding good.

Thanks for any help,

Marty ( and Cathy )

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Re: Guide Me Great Board Saints

Postby MusicMom » Mon May 16, 2005 3:02 pm

to be safe, you should have an on-site estimate. Especially since you are now moving between two states, so different rules apply. Your move canot be charge y the hour, it must be based on weight, and to get an accurate picture of that, you need to have all of your stuff seen.

Noah's Ark's record does not terribly thrill me, but if you are comfortable with them doing a similar job again, then ask them to come to your house and view it all. Do not accept any estimate done over the phone or by email inventory, those are not accurate.

Given the recent comments on Delancey NYC, I would rule them out.

As for University and Atlas, the wasy it works is this: Atlas Van Lines is the parent company. They havethe licenses and insurance to cover interstate moves. University os an agent. They have a local license for their own moves, but when they move long-distance, they will use Atlas's authority and insurance. If anything goes worng, they can call on another Atlas agent for help. Sometimes, for especially long-distance moves, the job can be shared between to comapnies, an origin agent, who loads up the traielr and delivers it to the second company, the destination agent, who then hitches the same trailer to their own truck and unloads it at your new house. You'd probably have the same guys the whole trip, since it's so short.

If I missed anything or said something wrng, one of the moverpros will be along shortly to add to this. Good luck!

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