My Recent Moving Experience.

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My Recent Moving Experience.

Postby mdoats » Wed May 25, 2005 11:47 am

Hi. I wanted to post my experience for others since I got so much great info here.

I did a cross country move from LA, CA to S. Florida about 2 weeks ago (mid-may). My move out of LA was scheduled for 5/10. I picked Gemini (united) based in the valley-- u can read my previous posts to find out why.

The estimator (Ed) from Gemini told me I could call him or Wendy (who deals with all the drivers) with any questions. He also gave me about 20 boxes (which was a lot for my 1-bedroom move). About a week prior to the move out date I called Wendy to confirm. She said I was all set and would call me Friday (5/6) with the time the packers would come on Monday (5/9). This was the only snag-- Ed had told me that packing (which was only a few boxes) would be done the same day as loading. I could easily accommodate the packers early, but I note this so anyone using Gemini can just confirm for themselves.

Wendy did call me on fri as promised not only with the packer times for Mon but also with my Driver's name and the time he'd arrive on Tues.

The Gemini packers showed up on time and did a great job. I was in the middle of taping my PBO boxes so they taped all of those for me too.

My (united) Driver called the evening before pickup to ask if I had any questions, needed any extra boxes, and to get specific directions. He arrived promptly the next morning and had 2 (gemini) helpers with him. They had everything loaded within 2 hours. He was driving my load all the way and estimated a 5/21 delivery date. He even gave me his cell #.

Wendy called me later that day to say my things had weighed less than estimated so they charged me less ($2950 total for 3100lbs).

As an aside, I lived on a very busy main street (Laurel Canyon Blvd just s. of Ventura). So a large truck would definitely have to double park-- but I got parking permits, which gave me 100ft for $20. So that allowed my driver to pull right in front of my building no problem (and no need for an expensive shuttle). Getting the permit was extremely simple and they city even put up the signs.

Back to the move. I scheduled my car to be picked up on 5/11. I went with a transporter not on this site. I found as many good as bad reviews to DAS and the other main one on this site. A distant relative (who lives in MA) used Ron Bailey transports to move his cars from Boston to Fl and back. So I went with the referral. The only snag was that I was moving at the end of their snowbrid season (the time of year that people leave their winter homes in FL and head back up north with their cars) so he'd have to broker it out. This made me nervous-- but I sopke directly to Rob Bailey (who is obviously related, also I called a bunch of different times and the same 2 people always answered the phone). He said he only uses 2 owner-operated transports out of CA and that I (the client) would only deal with him re: questions or problems or ins. etc. Anyway, the contractor called a day ahead of time to set his window-- then showed up on time. I was told 10-14 days for delivery.

I flew out of LA on 5/11. Rob Bailey autotransport called me on fri 5/20-- my car was in. It cost me $950. I got $75 off for picking the car up at their terminal (in West Palm Beach). Tho it would've been nice if they washed the bugs off, at least my car seemed to be in fine condition. I also noticed that they had lots of expensive cars in their terminal (jags, Bently's Porsches either waiting for pickup or to be sent out) along with at least 6 autotransport trucks for whatever that's worth.

The United Driver called fri 5/20 to say he'd be coming the next day and we were the first stop. He arrived 5/21 @ 8am with 3 helpers (they were all wearing the same shirts and very friendly but I can't remember the local agent name on them). They put runners down for the wood floors. Carefully brought everything in. They put together everything they'd taken apart. I'd say they were gone by 930 or so. As moving goes, mine was pretty pleasant.

I'd highly recommend dealing with both of these companies. And thank u again to everyone for their comments and advice. Hope this helps.

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Re: My Recent Moving Experience.

Postby Diane » Wed May 25, 2005 1:41 pm

It helps a LOT. Thanks so much for a wonderfully useful review. This is the second good review of Gemini, as you know.

Could you possibly post the following:

1. Contact information for the auto transporter you used, because others may want to use them. I agree with you that the performance of DAS and Tn'T seems to be unnervingly uneven, and they're supposed to be the BEST.

2. Was the United driver who picked your shipment up the same driver who delivered it?

3. I know it's a pain, but can you find out the name of the United agent that supplied the unloading labor? The reason is that people are always asking us for names of reliable agents in the Miami area and so far we don't have any United names.

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Re: My Recent Moving Experience.

Postby mdoats » Fri May 27, 2005 7:00 am

Hi Diane,

My pleasure to answer your questions after all the help I received.

1) Rob Bailey Auto Transport.
311 Tall Pines Rd.
West Palm Beach, Fl 33413
i.c.c.m.c. # 183424

2) Yes, my United Driver (Jonathon) who picked up my goods was the same driver who delivered. Can't say enough good stuff about him-- I'm going to email United about his service.

3) I'll call Wendy @ Gemini and see if she knows who the agent was here in S. FL and get back to you.

Hope this helps.

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