Penske - biggest possible discount

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Penske - biggest possible discount

Postby ryryresident » Tue Jun 07, 2005 8:49 pm

Hi; my wife and I have been looking at this excellent site as we plan a move. I'm a medical resident moving from Utah to Ohio. We found a family member with experience driving trucks who was willing to drive the truck with our second car in tow. We therefore looked into all the deals for "move yourself" companies like Penske, U-haul, etc.

We saw how this website mentioned a total of a 20% discount through Penske by booking online (10%) and by linking into the Penske site through or by using AAA membership (another 10%). There was also a mention of a "NRA" discount when renting a truck plus a car dolly (another 10% maybe; details were sketchy).

Well, my wife and I couldn't get the 10% discount through Movingorbit to work; the checkout gave a base rate followed by a 10% off for using online booking. We expected another "movingorbit" 10% off to be listed in the quote. I decided to just call and ask for the full 20% off even though I was booking on the phone.

The guy started out by quoting me the "base rate" that was the same that the web gave us before the 10% discount. He then said, "Give me 30 seconds to see what I can get discounted off that". He came back with a full 30% discount off the base rate without me even asking for it. When I asked about moving orbit etc. he said that I essentially could get 20% off by booking online or I could go with a full 30% off on the phone. For several minutes, I very persuasively tried to get even more off that price. He didn't budge, and I came away with the impression that the phone folks are authorized to give a full 30% off the "base rate" (calculated by mileage and truck availability, as well as the time of the year). They aren't authorized to go any lower.

So, by booking online, even with, you'll only get 20%, where I think just about anyone can get 30% off the base rate by talking to the right agent on the phone. I can't really tell you how to get them to go down 30% if they aren't giving it right away, except to maybe get the base rate off the website calculator, subtract 30%, then tell the phone guy you will book right away if they can do it for XXX amount of dollars.

Also, book as early as possible. They apparently have zero control over the base rate that the computer feeds them, and that can go up by several hundred dollars in just a matter of days. Early is always better at Penske. You can periodically check the base rate on the online calculator, and if it goes down, you can call and ask to have your reservation recalculated at the lower rate, and they will give you the better deal. By booking early, you can cancel for free until two days before the move, and you can always keep checking for better prices. Waiting only makes you pay more.

I really think this is the cheapest possible way to move. Good luck.

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Re: Penske - biggest possible discount

Postby Diane » Wed Jun 08, 2005 12:05 am

This is an extremely valuable post. Thank you.

I'm going to add your update to the "rental van" thread since policies do change. Incidentally, someone just posted that when there was a big discrepancy in Manhattan between the higher price of a Penske van and the lower price of a Budget van, a Penske rep told her on the phone that Penske would match the Budget price as long as it was within 40% of the Penske price. She was going to give up because the Budget price was more than 40% lower than the Penske price, but I told her to just ask Penske to knock 40% off and disregard the exact amount of the Budget quote, i.e. don't even go into it. This kind of fits with what you're saying.

I think it's great that Penske is willing to negotiate with customers like this even during the busy season.

Your other comments about booking as early as possible to get lower prices, and being able to reschedule and cancel without penalty up to two days prior to the move, fit with what I've been told about Penske and I thank you for including them.

You might want to post this on if you're familiar with that website.

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