Where do I find certain types of info on movers?

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Where do I find certain types of info on movers?

Postby DOOD » Thu Jun 09, 2005 1:36 pm

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to answer the question of how it may be possible that a mover does 70,000 miles/yr but has only had 4 inspections in the last 24 months? Or do you just walk away from them as prospective movers when something questionable like that comes up? I found this information by going to www.safersys.org and then clicking on 'Company Snapshot' in the center of the screen. The mover in question is Summit Moving and Storage (MC# 259608, USDOT# 508878).

One other question. How/where can I find out whether what they told me about how long the company has been in operation -- 15 years in this case -- is true? I can't find that info anywhere in the Company Snapshot on safersys.org. Is it available online?

(And for my own education on moving laws and terminology, is this the same as asking the question, How long have they been licensed for interstate transport of household goods?)

Thanks everyone.

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Re: Where do I find certain types of info on movers?

Postby MusicMom » Thu Jun 09, 2005 6:53 pm

Lemme walk you through the basics of the Safestat system, where inspections are located. Inspections can happen when the truck is pulled over for something as little as a taillight out, or as major as a reckless driving or an accident. They also happen when officials review the driver's logbooks (click here for an exlanation on those) This is the explantion for the inspections, taken from the snapshot:
Number of roadside inspections conducted within the past two years. Inspections are listed as total, driver, vehicle, and Hazmat. There are five levels of inspections:

Level 1 - a complete inspection
Level 2 - a walk-around inspection
Level 3 - a driver-only inspection
Level 4 - an inspection for a special study
Level 5 - a vehicle-only inspection
The inspection values listed in the table are based on the following totals:

Vehicle Inspection
Levels 1+2+5
Driver Inspection
Levels 1+2+3
Hazmat Inspection
Levels 1+2+3+4+5 (when Hazmat is present)
*Note that total inspections may not be the sum of the totals described above.

The second row of the Inspections table indicates the number of inspections which resulted in an "Out of Service (OOS)" status. The OOS status reflects one or more OOS violations in a single inspection.

The third row is the percentage of the displayed carrier's inspections resulting in an "Out of Service" status.

The fourth row represents the National Average which is the percentage of all inspections conducted in the USA that resulted in an "Out of Service" status for the year 1999.

Go to their snapshot and click on the Safestst link in the top right hand corner, and then hit the View button at the bottom. The graph on the left of the page shows a bar only under "Vehicle", so click the "vehicle" tab at the top left. They've had five inspections, two failed. If you select in the Select Data scroll menu "OOS inspections with OOS violations", you can see why they were failed inspetions. Turn signal out, tire threads showing, and brakes out of adjustment.

So anyway, if a mover has only been pulled over four times in three years, that's not too bad. And the infractions were pretty harmless.

As for how long they've been in business, from the Snapshot, click on the licensing link at the top right. Click the HTML button, then the Authority History when it comes up. You'll find [url=http://li-public.fmcsa.dot.gov/LIVIEW/pkg_carrquery.prc_authorityhistory?pv_apcant_id=74410&pv_legal_name=SUMMIT^MOVING^AND^STORAGE,^INC.&pv_pref_docket=MC259608&pv_usdot_no=508878&pv_vpath=LIVIEW]this[/url], showing they've been licensed continually since 1993 (12 years). They may have had an intrastate Ohio license before that. BBB report shows a business start date of 1990.

Hope this helps!

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