Feedback on my move from DC to NYC

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Feedback on my move from DC to NYC

Postby JWright » Fri Jun 10, 2005 8:53 pm

Just a follow up to let you know how my move went from DC to NYC.

I ordered boxes from a site recommended here... They were perfect. delivered very fast with no problems.

Forum members pointed me to the Port Authority and NY DOT websites. This info was very helpful for current guidelines re: bridge & tunnel restrictions. It helped us figure out that we should try to get everyting into a 16' truck to avoid tunnel delays/inspections.

We rented a Penske truck in DC and had a GREAT experience. I followed the links for discounts posted on this message board and booked a 16' truck for around $400. Then, a week before the move, we called to confirm the truck. Penske actually reduced the price to $299 because they were advertising rate specials. They did this without being prompted. Wow! The truck was brand new (4,000 miles) and all our extras were included (hand truck & moving mats).

We used Gulliver's Movers in DC to load our truck. We have used them for 5 moves in 4 years and could not be happier with the service. They were on time, professional and brilliant at getting all our junk in a small truck. We had a large one bedroom and about 40 boxes. All of it fit in the truck.

We drove on a Wednesday - left DC at about 7:45 am and were at our apartment in NY by noon. Middle of the week worked out to be the best time to make the drive into the city.

I hired Big Apple Movers in NYC to unload the truck. Unfortunately, they were 3 hours late and did a terrible job. They sent two small guys who rushed through the unloading with no regard for logical placement in the apartment. We were supposed to be finished by 5 pm (doorman buildings frequently have restrictions so be sure to check with the landlord). Because they were so late, and slow, we had to pay the doorman to stay late to keep the back door (freight area) open for us. The movers left half our stuff in the hallway and bailed. We could barely get through the front door because they left boxes & a mattress just inside.

I will admit, though, that I booked them at the last minute (one week notice) for a very busy moving day (June 1). With very little time to plan, my options were limited and I was relieved that they agreed to book me. I expected them to be late but it was worse than I thought! The reviews on All Star were fantastic (on multiple websites). They, unfortunately, were booked solid that day.

All in all, this message board was a lifesaver. The advice on renting a truck yourself was priceless. Hiring local movers to load & unload was significantly cheaper for us and we had our things same day. Full service movers would only commit to a one week window of time and would have cost us 2-3x more. Also, make sure you verify building regulations and check for tunnel restrictions if you have a bigger truck. Finally, ordering moving boxes online was great. I saved a fortune and it was incredibly convenient.

Hope that helps someone out there. Thank you! You were an amazing resource!!!

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Re: Feedback on my move from DC to NYC

Postby Diane » Fri Jun 10, 2005 9:08 pm

Thanks so much for getting back to us! This is what we like to hear!

For those who want to know the background, this is your prior thread - Kudos to "Fred0844" and "varsity sg" for their advice to you about NYC traffic.

I'll re-post various parts of your message on relevant threads, like the part about the boxes.

Good to have feedback on Big Apple. Its workers' performance with you may not be representative, as you say, but it's a straw in the wind. I've heard before that the owner of Big Apple tolerates some marginal behavior in his workers.

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