Beware of All My Sons in Seattle/Tacoma

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Beware of All My Sons in Seattle/Tacoma

Postby stradman » Mon Jul 14, 2003 11:44 am

I've been lurking on this site for a few weeks, since I'm moving to Arizona soon and after my horrible experience with All My Sons I wanted to be certain that I didn't get screwed again. I'm going with United, and I am fairly certain I won't get screwed this time around. If I do, you all will be the first to hear about it.

The purpose of my post is not to solicit advice or sympathy. I just want anyone who comes to this website and searches for All My Sons in Seattle to read my story and see what a terrible job these jokers did to my property and my home.

In the meantime, when I moved one year ago, I used All My Sons. I very naive, as I had used smaller companies in the past and nothing bad had happened to me. This time was different...

The day started with AMS sending a partially full truck to move my 2400 sqf house. It wasn't a full semi...just a larger size van. The driver complained that we had too much stuff, and that we would need to make two runs. I should have known then that things would be bad. We were relinquishing ownership of the house that day, so I couldn't reschedule with a different company...we were stuck with these losers.

I won't give you the whole story. Instead, I'll give you the basics.
1) The truck that was sent to move our house had other furniture on board.
2) Crew broke my computer desk
3) Crew broke part of bedroom dresser
4) Crew was EXTREMELY SLOW, which caused excessive overtime.
5) In my opinion two of the three movers were brand new, and did not have any idea how to effectively move furniture.
6) Crew complained about the amount of furniture we had and the location of the furniture in the house, then complained about having to move the furniture to locations upstairs in the new house. (They actually argued about who had to move my entertainment center and my 35" TV!)
7) Two trips were necessary to complete the move of a 2400 square foot house.
8) Crew damaged the walls and doorframes of our old house, and made numerous marks and dings to walls in new house.
9) Crew marked up the carpeting in old house with hand trucks.
10) Crew members removed doors from door frames and did not replace.
11) In addition, crew members removed doors from HINGES and did not replace.
12) Crew had no tools on hand. Once my tools were moved to new house, it turns out the tools were needed back at the old house.
13) While I was paying $169 per hour (OVERTIME) to hire movers, my wife and I had to move all of the patio furniture, backyard equipment, lawn equipment, barbeque, and numerous other items to speed the process while the crew took smoke breaks.
14) Movers lost couch cushions, 2 folding chairs, and a lamp.
15) Movers gouged and scratched my brand new 35" TV.

Quite frankly this was the move from hell. It started at 8:45AM and the crew finally left at 10:30PM. On the paperwork I originally signed I remember that overtime started at 5:00, however I was charged for overtime starting at 3:30. They were supposed to leave me with a customer satisfaction survey, which mysteriously disappeared. I did get a whopping 5% reduction in price because they sent a partially full truck.

After all was said and done, the complaint process yielded NOTHING. Their manager would not return phone calls and would not fax an insurance claim sheet. He saw photos and acknowledged that the movers did a bad job, but did nothing to remedy the situation.

If we hadn't been sued by the buyers of our old home, I could have put adequate time into suing All My Sons. Unfortunately my time and effort went elsewhere, and we are leaving the state shortly.

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Re: Beware of All My Sons in Seattle/Tacoma

Postby David N » Wed Mar 29, 2006 6:23 pm


Thanks. They look so comfortable and reassuring in their DEX AD. hahaha.

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Re: Beware of All My Sons in Seattle/Tacoma

Postby Michael » Wed Mar 29, 2006 7:14 pm

I'll go a step further and say I would avoid any All My Sons anywhere.

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