[FAQ] Read Me Before Posting (Updated)

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[FAQ] Read Me Before Posting (Updated)

Postby twalker » Mon Jul 14, 2003 5:31 pm

First of all, if you're new to the MovingScam.com message boards, I'd like to welcome you. This is a very active community of consumers and volunteers who are gracious enough to donate their time (and often a lot of it) to help folks who are preparing to move.

To find what you're looking for faster, as well as save the volunteers from answering the same questions over and over, please take a moment to read the rest of this message.

Frequently asked guestions:

Q. Can you recommend a good mover to move me from Oldtown to Newville?

A. We used to say "no." Out of an abundance of caution, we urged people to do their own research and make their own decisions based on that research. In recent years, we've started recommending and actually endorsing a few companies that have a large number of excellent reviews and few or no complaints. However, we still provide you with tools to find a reputable moving company on your own. We'll be there along the way to help you investigate and narrow down your list of companies to choose from, but because you know your geographic area better than we do, you should be the one to do the initial research.

The good news is that not all movers are bad--far from it! To help consumers identify the good ones, this website has compiled a so-called Superlist that brings together almost everything that has been posted here about moving companies since 2003. It is an attempt to help people find a good mover, and avoid a bad one, based on MovingScam visitors' actual experiences with specific companies. The especially good movers with 5 or more good reviews here are the ones with a :thumbsup: in front of their names and the superduper ones with 20 or more good reviews have a :thumbsup::thumbsup:.

The movers that are listed at the top of each state's posting with a :evil: in front of their names are the ones with bad comments here--companies that have been described as abusing customers. The ones with :alert: in front of their names are companies that people should probably be cautious about using--again, based on reviews and comments posted here. And the ones with :thumbsdown: in front of their names are companies that, while they are not scammers that set out to victimize people, have significant negative comments here describing poor service quality.

So, it's a mistake to think that every company on the Superlist is a good company. But if you read the reviews carefully, you will get a pretty good idea which companies are excellent performers and which ones you should probably avoid. [Caution: as of September 2008, companies that were on the Black List have not yet been included in the :evil: section of the Superlist, to save space.] Reviews, both good and bad, are randomly checked for authenticity and the fake ones are not transferred to the Superlist.

Q. Can I trust a recommendation that someone makes when I post on the message board asking for help in finding a good mover?

If a person recommends a specific moving company in response to your question, please be SURE that the person is either a moderator or a long-time poster on the message board. If the person is not a moderator, you can always send a Private Message to one of the moderators for confirmation that the company is reputable. As of 2/10, "Farrah7031", "MusicMom" and "Jeff.Walker" are moderators. Some long-time posters that you can trust are "BillAdams," "BigLeeCalif," "Jim," "Nancy," "ArchieWhite," "PMueller," "weem," and (for international moves) "Noone" and "hardatwork." Although some of them are moving company employees or owners, all have proven themselves to be fair over many years of posting here.

Q. When I start doing my own research on moving companies, how do I begin?

A. A good place to start is the article on this website titled "How to Find a Reputable Mover". This article provides you with important information on where to look and what to look for. It will help you get going in the right direction when you're looking for a reputable moving company. In fact, there are several good articles on this website. Just visit the Links page for more. [Special note: since the above article was written, an important new consumer protection website - http://www.protectyourmove.gov - has been created by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We are developing a sticky post to advise people how this new resource can best be used.]

Q. Can I myself recommend a moving company on the message board?

A. Yes, as long as you've used it yourself. Self-advertisements by moving company employees and owners are not allowed.

Q. I'm thinking about using XYZ Movers. How can I find out whether anyone has had any experience with them?

A. As I mentioned earlier, this is a very active community, and often the same companies are asked about over and over. Try using the Search page to see whether the company you're considering has already been discussed. (If the company name is more than one word, put it in quotation marks.) Also, be sure to look at the Superlist to see whether the company is included there. If you don't find enough information, or if the information isn't helpful enough, then by all means ask away.

Q. I'm thinking about using XYZ Movers and they aren't mentioned on the Superlist. How should I ask about the company? [PART 2]

A. When you post an inquiry about a company, help us out so we can research the company more quickly. Provide as much of the following information as possible: addresses, phone numbers, websites, email addresses, and especially DOT and MC license numbers. The moving company is required by law to provide you with its license numbers, so if a company won't give them to you then you can bet that you don't want to use that company anyway. Also (very important), let us know whether your move is a local or in-state move, or whether it's an interstate move. [Special note: van line agents almost always use the licensing authority of the van line for interstate moves, so they will commonly give you the van line's license number if you ask. This is completely legitimate and nothing to worry about. It just makes it difficult to research the particular van line agent on http://www.protectyourmove.gov and other sites.]

New user tips:

Search on your own first: Your question may have been covered in a previous topic, and the advantage is that you will get an immediate answer. Also, remember that when you are searching on the name of a moving company that consists of more than one word, you have to put the name in quotation marks to get reliable results. And you cannot get manageable results by searching on an URL because all cases in which a .com or .net extension appears will come up.

Be sure to post essential information: It saves back and forth if you know what info to give from the start. Tell where are you moving from and to, the dates when you moved or want to move, your budget for the move (if appropriate), and what happened to you in the case of a scam situation (lowball estimate followed by demands for more money, delayed delivery, damage, hostage load, etc.).

Give your post a descriptive short title: (Example: "My move with All Star-New York"). Those with moving angst who are skimming titles, doesn't it help if you don't have to open every post to find what you need? Also, Google picks up topic titles more readily than posts within topics, so include the name of the moving company in the title if appropriate.

Follow up when it's all over: To help others, please come back with a final report on your move.


This FAQ post is sure to grow. If you stop back often, please check here to see if we've added anything. In the meantime, happy surfing and I hope that we can help you get a safe, worry-free move.

Tim Walker

Oldschool mover

Re: [FAQ] Read Me Before Posting

Postby Oldschool mover » Fri Feb 11, 2005 4:57 pm

Hello to all, my reply here is more of just a comment then anything else. first and formost I would like to thank Tim for this web-site and for the great service he is doing. I have been affiliated with the Moving industry my entire life. I currently am the general manager of just about the largest privatly owned mover in the country, we are the largest agent for our van-line and have been in buisness for over 90 years. Keeping with Tim's policy of not promoting a particular mover, I will refrain from mentioning my company and our Van-Line, but I would like to share some thoughts and recommendations as one of the people that might be giving you an estimate some day.
1. Always get an in home estimate, more then one
2. Be very wary of ANY company that guarantee's you a price over the phone or internet.
3. Remember the old addage "You get what you pay for" A "major" van line might be a bit more expensive but they will back you up in situations like claims, bill accuracy, timimg of your move.
4. Read your "rights and responsabilities"
5. Last but not least, there is no such thing as a perfect move. But we who love this buisness will do everything in our power to try.
Sorry for the long post, I just really appreciate this web-site and what Tim is trying to accomplish here.
oldschool mover


Re: [FAQ] Read Me Before Posting

Postby Tanya » Wed Jun 15, 2005 1:05 pm

I'm new here as well, also in the moving business. Just wanted to throw out a piece of advice as well that I didn't see listed:

1. Ask the company about their employees. Some companies hire "day workers", I would recommend avoiding that if at all possible. It would be preferable to go with someone whose employees work full time (thereby they actually HAVE moving experience).

2. Ask for references! Any company should be more than willing and able to provide you with recent references.

3. Check with not only the better business bureau, but also with the State's Attorney's office. They can tell you if any claims have been filed against the company you are considering using.

Hope this helps!



Re: [FAQ] Read Me Before Posting

Postby Guest » Thu Nov 03, 2005 12:45 pm

1. Ask the company about their employees. Some companies hire "day workers", I would recommend avoiding that if at all possible. It would be preferable to go with someone whose employees work full time (thereby they actually HAVE moving experience).

This is not necessarily true. Often times, companies hire part-time help during the summer to handle the extra work load. The company I work for employs 10-15 college students for the summer, in addition to the full-time workers. Many of these students continue to work each summer, and are just as experienced, and probably more trustworthy, than the full-time workers. Some of the best moves our company has done were with crews of all part-time college student movers that work hard and get the job done right.

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Re: [FAQ] Read Me Before Posting

Postby MusicMom » Thu Nov 03, 2005 12:51 pm

True, and I'm sure every large company does that at some point. But if you're choosing between a company who employs every person loading your truck, and another who employs only the foreman, who then hires 3 day laborers, Tanya suggested choosing the former.


Re: [FAQ] Read Me Before Posting

Postby Gracie » Tue May 02, 2006 10:50 am

As a follow-up to Tanya's remarks, concerning checking references. This is sometimes a waste of time, because most companies will only supply positive references. They don't usually provide references who have had bad experiences. I have foung that following the guidelines of "How to Find A Reputable Moving Company" to be invaluable.

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Re: [FAQ] Read Me Before Posting

Postby benoit.hudson » Sun Aug 26, 2007 6:20 pm

So -- reviews, yes or no? Half this forum appears to be reviews (which I'm happy about, I found a great mover that way). And yet the top sticky says [editor's note: "used to say"] that they're verboten.

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Re: [FAQ] Read Me Before Posting

Postby MusicMom » Mon Aug 27, 2007 7:38 am

We definitely welcome first-hand knowledge of any mover's successes!

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