Seniors moving and storage NYC to Florida

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Seniors moving and storage NYC to Florida

Postby girl617 » Thu Jul 04, 2019 1:19 pm

My in-laws are moving from NYC to Florida, selling their 1 bedroom Manhattan apartment and putting almost everything into storage in the NYC area. My mother in law knows that storage in Florida would be cheaper, but I think she wants to anchor herself in NYC.

I saw three national companies that serve NYC on the recommended list of full-service moving companies: Mayflower, Joyce, and United. They aren't moving most of their things to Florida, though, so it seems like something like upack cubes might be better because she can get them shipped when and where she needs them. At this stage in her life, dealing with all that caused them to move to Florida in the first place, my mother in law has no interest in anything that seems like DIY.

Any recommendations for how to do a cube-type solution with minimal trouble for my mother in law?


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