emove.com experience

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emove.com experience

Postby jguimond » Tue Jun 28, 2005 1:36 pm

I had a mixed experience with emove.com.

The guys I hired from the Chicago area--Macomay helpers--were excellent. I knew as soon as they accepted the job that they were professionals. They sent an email confirmation with a questionnaire asking about what kind of stuff I had to load and what supplies I needed (rope, dolly, blankets, etc.). I requested 2 movers and they sent 3. They stayed an extra hour (for an extra charge of course), and packed my stuff very securely--even my curio cabinet that was too tall to stand up in the truck. I highly recommend them.

The guys in Oklahoma City were from Elfrida Movers. I chose them because they had by far the most reviews and averaged 4.5 stars. The guys they sent were actually from Labor Ready--apparently they subcontracted my job out. Also, the communication between the company and workers was poor. We had a mishap on the interstate and expected to be late arriving at our new apartment. I called the company and they offered to move us back by 1.5 hours, which we greatly appreciated. It turned out that we arrived 10 minutes past our originally scheduled time and the movers were waiting for us. They had no idea that we had changed the time and when we called the office, the office staff were suprised that the movers were there. Problems with the subcontracting process, I suppose. Finally, the movers were not especially professional. They weren't as careful with my furniture as I would have liked--they bumped a lot of stuff against the door frame, threw my couch cushions on the ground outside to move the couch in, etc. One unloaded my mattress from the truck while holding a cigarette in his mouth! He also left my boxes wet from his sweat (YUCK!). They were adequate for my purposes (not a lot of nice stuff or anything) and moved a lot of heavy stuff up a flight of stairs on a really hot day, but I wouldn't hire them again. I left feedback, but they only allow 200 characters, so I couldn't half as much as what I've said here.

When going through emove, you might want to inquire as to whether they subcontract out and double check that they guys they are sending are trained professionals.

Happy Moving!

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Re: emove.com experience

Postby Diane » Tue Jun 28, 2005 1:45 pm

VERY helpful post. Thank you so much for taking the time to post it. I'll bring this to the attention of a higher-up at eMove.com who is a member here.

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