TransWorld Van Lines LLC in Kansas is a scam

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TransWorld Van Lines LLC in Kansas is a scam

Postby disillusioned1860 » Tue Aug 06, 2019 2:34 pm

Reporting TransWorld Van Lines of Overland Park, KS DOT number 3088995.

1.They told me they were a direct carrier, the contract says they can use "agents" but I believe they are brokers with no trucks of their own.

2. They used an agent, Dependable Movers LLC in Garfield NJ, who lied about the size of the truck. The truck also did not contains the inner measurement markings that I was promised by the salesperson when I booked the move. He said it was a 3,500 cube truck, but when I measured on delivery it was in fact a 1,860 cube truck.

3. Estimate based on verbal reports of inventory. Estimated 3,334 and collected additional deposit based on the updated inventory with the "Quality Assurance" person. On day of pickup, on initial visual inspection, mover told me that he estimated we had 1,200 ADDITIONAL, but don't worry, if we don't use it it will be taken off the balance owed upon delivery. He convinced me that when the first truck left it was full, I wasn't able to visually inspect it. He haphazardly loaded some items onto the second truck, telling me the first truck was being loaded onto the 18 wheeler "back at the warehouse". The truck that showed up delivered the entirety of my belongings on ONE truck that measured 1,860 cubes.

4. They pushed delivery until 7/4...guess who is around on 7/4 to handle any disagreements?! When I called 7/5 they told me too bad, you signed the bill of lading, and that's like agreeing to that space allocation, and also we signed it with a different mover so I have to address it with them. Then they told me later on, "we don't have a truck that size". Then they blocked my phone number.

They are a scam of a company. I'm sure they have no assets and will never pay me back.
Do not use this company. They also are connected to TransWorld in Florida, which is also replete with negative reviews and horror stories about price gouging and hostage taking.

Look elsewhere.

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