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Trinity Relocation Group (Movers)

Postby Shumaila » Wed Aug 28, 2019 6:53 pm

I want to share my most horrible moving experience with Trinity and the fact they do business with Unique Van Lines (Unique is rated D- on BBB). Jeff from Trinity sales mentioned to my husband multiple times throughout the process that Trinity stays away from brokers only to find out later that Trinity acted as a broker in our case. They also jumped the price up significantly during QA check when we added 10 boxes and few pantry items as they knew that canceling the job would make us lose our deposit.
TRG gave out our job to a failed carrier “Unique Van Lines”. After approximately 2.5 months of delays, excuses, lies, regular follow up calls, we finally received our stuff this week to find out most of the fragile items were broken and our living room TV was MISSING in addition to few other items (patio cushions, décor, fan, glass set, rice cooker). When we confronted the movers, they said you have standard insurance and you packed the boxes, so I am not responsible (does that mean you are obliged to mishandle customer stuff in front of them?).
When the driver and his guys arrived, we could hear them dropping a box while unloading and saying, “I am dropping bombs and laughing about it”.
They promised to assemble everything back, but they left most of the items disassembled including beds. For missing items, they told us we have to file a claim. The driver started yelling when we asked him to "I am not going to change my paperwork and I don’t care that you are missing a TV or any other items, you have to file a claim". Filing a claim should come after the carrier has not been able to locate an item- in this case, they were not even willing to look up for the missing items or document it and just brushed the claim point as it’s standard insurance so the customer will get peanuts in return. As per the contract, they are supposed to document any items which are missing or damaged. HE VIOLATED THE CONTRACT. They were disrespectful ran away leaving the stuff in chaos with no respect. When I called their dispatch manager Elfie and asked about the TV, he said, if you stay on the call “I am going to hang the TV on my damn wall” and was rude to me. We are still waiting for a call back which we were promised.
I'm surprised Trinity chooses to do business with a company like that. Their customer service is full of lies, their drivers are rude to customers and top of that all they exercise false business practices. I request everyone to make sure that your brokers (Trinity Relocation Group in my case) do not pick UNIQUE VAN LINES. We are still following up on my items with no success as we really want our TV to be found and shipped to us.
I hold Trinity EQUALLY responsible for this traumatic experience because they are the ones who hired a failed carrier and acted as surprised when we confronted them of our experience.

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