IVL charging scanner port fees on me

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IVL charging scanner port fees on me

Postby lcipolina » Tue Mar 17, 2020 6:05 pm

Hi all!
Maybe you can help me with this one.

I've hired International Van Lines to ship my belongings on December 20th, from NYC to Bristol in the UK.

Now I receive an email from a third party company in the Netherlands (probably my stuff was sent there first) saying that my belongings have been scanned and I need to pay approx 150 euros for the scanner.

These fees were not listed upfront, but the possibility of them occurring was stated on the contract. The key information here is that I hand wrote at the end of the contract that I was not going to pay anything else than the quoted fees and no more. I added by hand at the end of the contract: "whatever charge comes outside of the quote, I am not paying it".

Do I still have to pay the scanner fee? can I bring them to small court?

The situation is that the third party company on the Netherlands is telling me that they will send my belongings to a deposit and I will be responsible to pay it. I never signed a contract with them, my contract is with IVL.

Thank you very much!

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