Certified Movers Inc - SCAM!!!

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Certified Movers Inc - SCAM!!!

Postby madmover » Thu Jul 09, 2020 12:34 pm

Summary: My move from NY to IL took about a month. There was little communication. Trucks “broke down” twice. They raised the price to %150 of the original estimate with no proof my inventory warranted the increase. They broke and damaged most of my furniture. This experience was horrific, go with someone else. These people belong in prison.

Before my move, I did 2 months of research on moving companies. I got about 20 moving quotes and 15 binding estimates based on my inventory. The cubic feet of my inventory ranges from 250 – 500, with the 500 being an over-estimate for my 1 bedroom apartment. Based on my research, I decided to go with Certified Movers Inc, US DOT: 3278871. This was an epic mistake.
I chose the company because the rate they quoted was in the middle (I knew better than to choose the lowest rate), and I never had any trouble getting ahold of my salesperson, Kevin. Kevin understood all my worries and was good at appeasing me. Of course they wouldn’t pack up all my stuff then charge me more like the other companies. Of course they had professional movers. Of course they only used their own people. None of his promises were true.
I booked the move 2 months in advance. Someone was supposed to call the day before my move to confirm my inventory. When no one called, I called Kevin. Kevin confirmed that my inventory was 412 cubic feet. During that call I also found out that the truck was not coming on the date we booked 2 months in advance. They didn’t come on the backup day either, they came 4 days late. With NO communication unless I reached out. I was eventually told the truck had broken down. I had to leave for a job by that time, so I had to have a friend be there to meet the truck.
The movers that came hit power lines leading to the house. They did not break down most of the furniture as promised, and packed the furniture poorly (I know this because of the amount that came broken). They forced my friend to sign a bill saying I had 238 cubic feet more than the 412 I had confirmed previously, and tried to hold me accountable for her signature. They did not show my friend how they measured this. And, they lost my inventory (and the paperwork also included payments I had made, so they had no idea how much they were paid through pickup), so they were never able to prove what my cubic feet really was, despite my estimate of 416 cubic feet that I calculated myself (all my furniture was from ikea or amazon, so it was very easy to calculate myself). They were supposed to show pictures showing the cubic feet, but never did. The increased inventory caused the price to increase to %150 of the original estimate.
My stuff then sat in storage for 20 days. They did not communicate with me during this time. I called every week and felt like I was harassing them to try to get updates. I had to call up to 10 times a day to get through. I had calls dropped and screened (they answered, hung up and didn’t call back). There were multiple times where I thought they had just stolen my stuff and I would never hear from them again. If you call for customer assistance on their phone system, the call is dropped. The link for customer service on their website doesn’t exist (there is a button that has no working link).
They sent me an increased quote over email, then raised it $300 again a week later with no explanation. I got a couple discounts, mostly because of my persistence with trying to get answers. They were far less than the price hikes and only because I wouldn’t stop asking for proof my inventory was way higher than what it should have been.
Once my stuff was finally picked up from storage, the truck broke down again. Finally, 23 days after my initial move date, I was given a delivery date. This date was pushed back the next day, and then again. The day before what was supposed to be my delivery, I got an email saying I didn’t pay enough at pickup and had to get a Zelle payment to them that day or they wouldn’t deliver. They gave me the wrong recipient, so this was also an epic fail, but I was eventually able to get through to them and make it work. The payment was made to Pick Up Movers LLC, not Certified movers. This company has several aliases I was able to find (e.g. Certified Movers HQ on BBB, Pick Up Movers LLC, and 3 addresses, 2400 Weaver Way, Atlanta, GA 30340-1565; 3389 Sheridan St Unit 194 Hollywood, FL 33021; Macon, GA 31210). I did more research on them when I suspected they were playing me.
I was given a 2 day moving window. The night before it started, no one would tell me if they were coming the next day or not. 4 Days later my stuff came. I got a message from the driver the night before stating “Good afternoon, this is the company delivering your piano furniture. my name Sergey will be with you from 9-9.30 in the morning tomorrow 06.27. I don’t speak English well, so if you write me an SMS. thanks and see you soon.” I would like to note I do not have a piano, so I was genuinely worried they brought the wrong stuff. The driver then asked if he could come early, at 8 AM, I said yes, they showed up at 10 AM.
The driver spoke almost no English, only Russian. We communicated through google translate. We had an immediate price disagreement as he tried to raise the price again. He threatened to leave, I threatened to call the cops. I then proceeded to translate pieces of the contract for him. It was one delivery person. I have 1 flight of stairs. They tried to charge me per stair. THIS IS A DIRECT VIOLATION OF OUR CONTRACT. He also tried to charge me with a long-carry, by counting the distance inside the house. This I talked him down on. It seemed like this was his first delivery. He had no knowledge of the contract. We had to call the manager, Jackie, to mediate. Luckily she speaks Russian. But she sided with him on the stairs, so I had everything placed on the first floor and moved things upstairs myself. The driver was surprised Jackie spoke Russian, as if they had never spoken before. He came in a Penske truck. He was surprised the pickup crew spoke Russian. None of these people know each other, YOU ARE NOT DEALING WITH ONE COMPANY AS PROMISED!
The first group lost my inventory. The driver did not check the inventory when they picked it up from storage. Jackie was even pissed about this. They made me write out my inventory from memory at delivery.
My boxes were all smashed, many had holes and tears They put other people’s stuff on top of mine. Everything was filthy. Things in boxes were smashed. The mattress cover was ripped, so the mattress was stained. I had damage to my coffee table and a shelf that was catastrophic, so I had to throw those away. There was minor damage (not structural, but hideous) to about 5 other pieces of furniture. My stuff was clearly not handled by professionals. I filed a claim with the company for all this, I expect to never hear from them again, will update this review if I do.
This company is fraudulent. DON’T DO IT!!!!!

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Re: Certified Movers Inc Fully Licensed Carrier

Postby certifiedmoversinc » Mon Oct 19, 2020 2:18 pm

We strive to provide excellent service in an Extremely challenging and competitive industry. We would love the opportunity to address this complaint with the client but MADMOVER is not a listed a client of ours and we have no moves that match the description of events in our records. We encourage clients to voice their opinions however this industry is so competitive now because of the large amount of Moving Brokers who pretend to be movers that they have taken to slandering carriers names with the hope of acquiring more business. We encourage clients to check out companies with the Department of Transportation here https://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/CompanySnapshot.aspx Our DOT # is 3278871 which will show we are licensed , Not a broker and have over 40 trucks registered and insured. We also have dozens of Confirmed 5 star google reviews. Also this site is a Commercial site THAT CHARGES FOR THE PLACEMENT of Preferred movers on to their list and really has little to no interest or way to confirm the truthfulness of the reviews listed here .

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Re: Certified Movers Inc - SCAM!!!

Postby lml1216 » Wed Dec 23, 2020 9:27 pm

Certified Movers Inc is a total Scam. They do NOT have 40 trucks...lies. They send UHauls out....it's December 2020 and they've got over $5,000 out of me and delivered only a portion of my life's possessions. I have proof with videos and pics of what they did deliver they opened up my boxes, rummaged through them and stole items from boxes that I personally packed and sealed. I have created 5 websites now all ready to go live. I have 5 more domains sitting to also broadcast their operation. I expect ALL my items INCLUDING the items that were missing from the first delivery to be here. This entire team of people are in on it...it's obvious. Nobody cares about your possessions, your time, your money you worked hard for or even that they are blatantly pilfering through your boxes. They speak to you like garbage because they are low class unprofessional thieves and liars. Jackie Bloom, Cliff Agnant, Anthony Martino, Kevin Gibbs, Junior, Nordelle...affiliates Gil Siso, Jerry Agnant, Melissa Peters, Baron and Phillip Dorsey...all a part of this ring of thieves...they know and they partake. I will now make it my life's journey to put this company out of business and see to it that they end up in jail....if I cannot do that then I will cost them FAR MORE In business than the $5000 they charged me and all the things they broke and stole that I know of. We'll see how tomorrow goes when the second shipment comes in. Why was my 2 bed apartment sent on 2 trucks? Why did the driver tell me just this afternoon "sorry they had your missing stuff in another warehouse"...why are they sending guys in UHauls if they truly have 40 licensed and registered trucks. Last week it was due to COVID (that was 12/16)....3 weeks ago my truck broke down but then hours later it was "sorry your truck did not break down your things are actually in our warehouse because you owe us another $2100 via a wire within 24 hours or we charge you per day storage" so I sent them $2100...that was weeks ago and I still sit...no winter clothes coming from FL to MO (they told me 4-7day delievery-that did not happen), no office gear to do my job I had to buy new because it was not delivered the first time and I had to fly back down to FL to retrieve my missing items continaing personal records needed to enroll my son in his new school....Now why all the lies and games and stories????? because they are scammers!!! Why are things held over for weeks in an undisclosed warehouse???? so they can rummage through all your things in private and pick out what they want to keep...thieves!!!! Why do they demand cash and postal money orders before they unload your belongings??? because chances are your things will be missing and there won't be a darn thing you can do about it---they have your $ and your belongings and the most insulting part of it all....YOU ACTUALLY PAID THEM TO ROB YOU....ponder that for a moment-pretty sick isn't it? These people are the lowest of the low w/a special seat in hell for them....every last one of them.. I will NOT ever stop until I get my things and money back. Nobody should have to go through this. Unreal. The sales person is a bold face liar named Kevin Gibbs somewhere there in FL where Cliff Agnant, a former convicted Cocaine trafficing loser is who ALSO was names as an affiliate of a man named Matt Pardi who was on WPLG 10 news in South Florida for this VERY SCAM...but Cliff started other EINs, LLC, INCs, DBAs and has several other co-owners in all these companies that are listed as being located at UPS stores, run down industrial warehouses where NO trucks are visible....Hallondale Beach, Miramar, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Hollywood Florida, Doraville Georgia...I have pics and videos that would blow your mind that these people are still free to walk around and not behind bars...as soon as my things arrive and I confirm EVERY SOLITARY items is there and I am refunded for the inconvenience and drama...I'll let it go however, should they NOT make this right by me...call it blackmail call it what you want but I've already got the names and emails of the reporters and journalists at WPLG in South Florida and Atlanta Fox 5 Call for Action and Channel 2 WSBTV...as well as the Miami Herald...these will all go well w/my websites and reviews across multiple review sites. Additionally, there's legal action that WILL be taken in fact I've also made contact w/a few other former customers that have had the same thing happen...I will be going to the Inspector of the DOT, various state attroney generals, the IRS because I'm pretty sure being instructed to write out blank postal money orders is a bit suspicious...as well as a multitude of other agencies that i will get involved. I will make sure as many people as possible never use them and as many people know about this sham scam. They are awful. There's nothing worse than a liar and a thief-do not be a fool like some of us and pay them to cheat you, lie to you and then steel from you. They are scum...lowest of low.

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Re: Certified Movers Inc - SCAM!!!

Postby certifiedmoversinc » Tue Dec 29, 2020 12:30 pm

We cannot comment on this " review" as litigation and a criminal investigation is in process however the fact that this site would even post a slanderous comment without checking it for any veracity is disturbing and opens the door for bad actors to cyber extort a business and we urge people to make educated decisions by looking at verifiable government websites for accurate data pertaining licensing of the movers they choose. Look up our licensing and our credentials and it is obvious we in no way operate in this fashion and we have dozens of favorable reviews and references available. It is sad that in a climate where small business and many people are suffering that this site would allow this behavior and that people would stoop to this level of liable in order to try to make a dollar .

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Re: Certified Movers Inc - SCAM!!!

Postby lml1216 » Wed Dec 30, 2020 2:07 am

Certified Movers Inc: We cannot comment on this " review" as litigation and a criminal investigation is in process however the fact that this site would even post a slanderous comment without checking it for any veracity is disturbing and opens the door for bad actors to cyber extort a business and we urge people to make educated decisions by looking at verifiable government websites for accurate data pertaining licensing of the movers they choose. Look up our licensing and our credentials and it is obvious we in no way operate in this fashion and we have dozens of favorable reviews and references available. It is sad that in a climate where small business and many people are suffering that this site would allow this behavior and that people would stoop to this level of liable in order to try to make a dollar .

1.) you cannot comment but you did-are you afraid you may say the wrong thing or that I may have proof of your lies? Well I'm not worried about my end.
2.) litigation yes I filed reports w/the FTC (gov't), the FMCSA (gov't), the police (gov't) and soon when I can break away from sorting through my ransacked items searching for receipts for items stolen while in your possession to give to my insurance company I will contact the FL, GA and MO Atty General's office (also gov't)
3.) criminal investigation yes there will be many I imagine given the multitude of owners listed w/your various EINs & DBAs whom are all liable as the people you placed to handle my possessions are.
4.) slander it's only slander if UNTRUE it'll be long overdue that you are forced to accept accountability for your wrongdoings, misrepresentations, theft & illegal acts such as...
5.) extortion-yes you deliberately overpack wardrobe boxes half full to justify jacking up cubic feet to then subsequently have a justifiable reason built into your fine print to give you a legal wild card to steel people's belongings. When the consumer does not have the cash on hand, you, many times without telling that consumer, you take their life's possessions to an undisclosed warehouse and hold them for hostage for weeks for ransom $. You packed me on Saturday, I paid what I was made aware to pay and before I could verify the overages myself I was charged an additional $2100...I could have walked across the street and used 3 credit cards at the Publix ATM for what you wanted had Junior told me my things would the be held hostage. ATMs only allow $800/day withdrawn...but I could have taken $800, $800 and $500 to hand over to Junior--but even if I did do that at the time of packing the truck still would have "broken" down while in route anyways-resulting in the same hold over in your discrete warehouse. Hell I even called that following Monday to get the wire info and was lied to about a broken down truck When Jackie was thought I paid by check because Junior wrote "check" on the work order and then when I corrected her she said "oh I'll call you right back.."??? She never called me right back so I call and call and finally she answers then the story changed to the 24 hour demand of a wire because I went over on the truck by 450 ft....and asks me if she can text me at the # I provided, she then texts me in writing that I had 24 hours to wire $2100 to thier PNC account "Moving From and Relocation, Inc DBA Certified Movers, Inc." and to then send her pics of the wire transfer receipt...I have those texts if we wanna dive into truthfulness...
6.) veracity-of course let's dive into that w/your texted demand extorting an additional $2,100 from me within 24 hours, let's view the dashcam video of your UHAUL truck delivering my things (which had another person from VA going to KS on my truck btw I have a pic of their name taped to their mattress) and cross reference that w/the cell cam of my dad and I measure the exact cubic feet taken...705 quoted vs. 1150 overpacked and charged thus extorted out of me....so where was that other 450 feet of my things? Oh yes it was in a warehouse of which you were not allowed to disclose the location of because other people's things were being held there-security reasons, right. Want more veracity..let's dive deep into all my terrible truths that have you upset during these hard times...we can go back over a decade and trace your owners to some pretty shady illegal stuff, we can see on Manta how many times they've dissolved and opened more moving companies, we can also see on FMCSA that while yeah you have a DOT # (so what you have random drivers pulling up in Uhauls-I can drive a stupid Uhaul) that it shows you hold NO BOND...meaning: Being bonded means that the company guarantees that they will perform the work you hired them to do. This guarantee is a financial guarantee that they will fulfill and uphold their contract-YOU HAVE NO BOND. (gov't site btw)...MORE veracity? I'll give you more in fact I'll give the world more and put it on YouTube-I have video of boxes coming off the Uhaul (the first Uhaul you sent AND weeks later the 2nd UHAUL you sent w/my "missing items" because "mistakes happen"--i have those texts too, but in those videos it clearly shows that my packed and sealed boxes, even the Rubbermaid ones I personally packed and sealed myself w/CLEAR tape from home, nearly ALL were opened, pilfered through and ransacked and re-taped w/YOUR BROWN packing tape...I have pics of the mess your packers left in my apartment in FL showing that BROWN tape and bubble wrap....Oh, and those packers and movers bolted out while I stepped out to get my dad from the airport-why? I did not get a walk through or verify the space..as you promised afterwards that you'd provide me w/verification of that space-I have that text too-well of course that never happened. DO I need MORE veracity? Cuz I can provide so much of it that you're likely going to be done ripping people off soon...done like you are on GOOGLE now and that was not...leading into my next rebuttal here
7.) cyber scam-all I had to do was verify via Google and social media and various online sources that nearly ALL of your 5 star "favorable" GOOGLE reviews (which was the ONLY place you even had over a 2.6 rating btw) but they were mainly ALL fake reviews and it was not me performing any cyber hack BS that was GOOGLE-so talk to them and explain to them why ALL your 5 starts just so happen to be at the same GEO LOCATION and some made by gfs and friends and employees-CONFLICT OF INTEREST and against GOOGLE law. I told you-call it a threat IDC but if you steel from me, cheat me and lie I will see to it that you are exposed for your BS and that people refrain from using you because....
8.) it IS blatantly 100% "obvious" that you indeed operate in the very way I, along w/many many others have expressed and YES it is very "sad that in a climate where small businesses and many people are suffering" that YOU allow this happen and you take no responsibility for it. NONE! Why? well birds of like feather flock together and my guess is YOU ARE IN ON IT TOO. As far as it seeming as if I'm stooping to a level of liable (it's spelled LIBEL btw but yes you ARE LIABLE) to "try and make a dollar"...Listen, I've looked you all up I've seen the slum run down residential addresses on Manta and SBA.gov, the DOT etc that are linked to this business and I'm pretty sure when you're people showed up at my luxury downtown apartment w/all my nice things & helped me load up my BMW they saw opportunity to take my things in private for nearly 3 weeks and pick out what you wanted-so as far as making a dollar...you can take that $5,200 you ripped off of me and enjoy the pawnshop pennies on the dollar for my jewelry, my sons DS, PS4 and other materialistic things you stole from us that we can never replace because what I'm doing here is exposing this entire organization so as you emailed me the other day and you said "we will do whatever it takes to stop you"-um is that a threat? sounds like it to me. (I have that email for your veracity)
9.) that you sent a barley 18 year old boy who shall remain nameless as I feel sorry for him actually, but 4 days prior to him being in MY HOME packing up MY SON and MY LIFE, potentially putting me in harms way..he was arrested on the following charges: carrying a concealed firearm, use or display of concealed firearm while in commission of a felony, grand theft firearm larceny, controlled substance wo/a prescription, intro contraband into police substation....so yeah...as far as you being licensed, insured...WHO CARES you are NOT BONDED, you do NOT perform background checks, you use UHAULS yet you've got 44 in your fleet., you send unvetted potentially arms, dangerous and drugged up thugs to homes,..so many things that I specifically asked about I was mislead on and I could list them all out if you'd like...

I provided you with all my information weeks ago when you started playing games and lying about my possessions, failing to adhere to what we discussed, not following your own written agreement, refusing to give me answers about my things...I paid you ALL you wanted and I actually PAID you MORE and I paid you before you even delivered all my belongings-I actually gave you a full advance payment. So please, if you want to dance w/me I'll take you toe to toe. (Tell Jackie she missed out on snagging my size 7.5 Red Bottoms that were apparently up for grabs in your warehouse-at $750 a pair I'm surprised they didn't take those too.)

I told you what I was going to do...I've been 100% transparent, gave you ample time to turn this situation around and you insulted my intelligence and scoffed at my kindness and were rude to me...so now enjoy the FTC on you...there will be more on you I just got started. It took me less than a day to have GOOGLE totally remove your entire presence from online and my goal was to merely outrank you in Google w/my website-which is not even live yet and hell...I uncovered so much fraud on you that GOOGLE shut YOU TOTALLY down & they did so in a matter of HOURS-that alone should be enough for the FTC to pass you along to the FBI who we all know well. This was your own cyber scam that you created that backfired on you-good job! I did nothing but connect the dots and hand it over to GOOGLE, and the FTC, FMSCA/DOT and the police, and a few newspapers oh and a couple TV stations...I think that's it...for now. I may knock out the Attorney Generals in GA (your home state), FL (where your warehouses and affiliates sit) and here in MO (where I am).

So now the ONLY good reviews you HAD in your arsenal to lure your victims is NOW non-existent and w/the FTC on your butts you likely have to close shop-again..but hopefully the FBI will grant us all a late Xmas gift and arrest you all before you ruin more people. F U you scumbag lying thieves. You had your chance to make your wrong a half-way right and you crapped all over it...so enjoy these next several months as your freedom is on the line. Nobody will do business with you when all they see online is the negative reviews. Logical people understand that there will be negative reviews however the copious amounts you carry...something ain't right there. Ironically most seem to have the same story, the same allegation...even the amount you all seem to charge for ransom is pretty consistent based on route/demographics-is that your quota? You got me for $5200 and what you didn't steal you broke and ransacked-tens of thousands of $$ and ME and my KIDDO's things-gone and we paid you to do this to us? Yeah F-U. You should now be pretty bent you lied, cheated and stole from me-I'm NOT one that takes it laying down.

Was it worth it? Didn't think so. People should NOT go through this and you do this crap ALL THE TIME. SHAME ON YOU. Think twice before you lie, cheat and steel from somebody smarter than your entire company. A-holes!

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Re: Certified Movers Inc - SCAM!!!

Postby lml1216 » Wed Dec 30, 2020 2:36 pm

Moving from and Relocation Inc ******((((DBA Certified Movers, INC))))******
2649 Park Ln, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009-3812
Email this Business

BBB File Opened: 3/14/2013
Years in Business: 8
Business Started: 10/26/2012
Business Incorporated: 1/8/2010 in FL, USA
Licensing Information:
This business is in an industry that may require professional licensing, bonding or registration. BBB encourages you to check with the appropriate agency to be certain any requirements are currently being met.
BBB records show a license number of MC702632 for this business, issued by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin.
These agencies may include:

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin.
227 N Bronough St Rm 2015
Tallahassee FL 32301-1380
(850) 942-9650
Fax: (850) 9429691
BBB records show a license number of 141126995 for this business, issued by Pembroke Pines, City of
These agencies may include:

Pembroke Pines, City of
10100 Pines Boulevard
Hollywood FL 33026
(954) 435-6508
According to the US Department of Transportation, Moving from and Relocation, Inc. DBA Trans United license MC702632 was revoked on 6/22/2015 and they are no longer permitted to operate.

On May 10, 2016, Moving from and Relocation, Inc. registered a new DBA of East Coast Moving and Storage; however, BBB is unable to locate a license for this entity.

Type of Entity: Corporation
Alternate Business Name
Priceline Moving & Storage
Related Businesses
Progressive Relocation Systems Inc
Crown Van Lines, Inc.
Business Management
Mr. Robert Baker, Manager
Additional Contact Information
Fax Numbers

(305) 356-7915Primary Fax
Phone Numbers

(855) 405-6336Other Phone
Email Addresses

Email this BusinessPrimary

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Re: Certified Movers Inc - SCAM!!!

Postby lml1216 » Wed Dec 30, 2020 2:44 pm

Certified Movers, Inc is actually...get this total illegal scam...Moving From and Relocation, Inc which was SHUT DOWN by THE GOVERNMENT in 2015 YET somehow these crooks have been operating w/a DOT # as Certified Movers, Inc. We shall see how long that lasts! I let the FMCSA/DOT and FTC know about this. BEWARE!

Take legal action against me for slander....IDGAC!


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Re: Certified Movers Inc - SCAM!!!

Postby Smf5187 » Sat Jan 23, 2021 11:03 pm

Omg I wish I saw these before I booked these slime buckets. They should of asked people who know me about my determination and ability to see things through. They might have “seen the last of me” dropping off my shit today, HOWEVER it won’t be the last time I hear my name. I’m going to make it my mission to make sure this NEVER happens to anyone again!! Anyone who wants to unite forces can email me personally and I’m Happy to discuss where I am in the process.

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Re: Certified Movers Inc - SCAM!!!

Postby Bmj53 » Tue Jan 26, 2021 1:59 pm

We totally got scammed $8,ooo.oo by them in May. Quick story. Our married with children son was transferred to Long Island NY for his medical Residency. We live in Central Mississippi. After several quotes, discussions, I chose Certified Movers, thinking a had done enough vetting and they sounded reasonable and professional.WRONG.. I did a lot of research and found they were small potatoes in what is a huge nationwide scam. Honestly, I was afraid to continue because they knew where my family had moved and was fearful they would take revenge on them. These are like Mafia folks in the “moving business” I actually was waiting for them to move to a different address and then I was going to pursue my plan to get my money back. They are moving Feb 8th..and I read this morning about a king leader being arrested in a nationwide Moving Scam...what timing! I guess now I’d the time to start the stressful process in getting our money back.
I have tons of notes, recordings, names, addresses, other business affiliates..look up LEADER OF NATIONWIDE MOVING SCAM PLEADS GUILTY TO DEFRAUDING CUSTOMERS..BY MALLORY SOFASTAII. I plan to contact her as well. I’m sure this company is tied to this in some form.
Feel free to email me if interested! B

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Re: Certified Movers Inc - SCAM!!!

Postby JohnBeesley » Wed May 05, 2021 8:38 pm

Use a local mover. I gave these guys a $900 dollar deposit for a cross-country move. They never showed up. Imagine planning a cross-country move, being packed, ready to go and the movers don't show. Make sure you really know who you are dealing with. Certified Movers Inc. is a SCAM. If the names Anthony Martino, Jackie Bloom, an accountant named "Clifford" watch out. You may be scrambling at the last minute to find a mover. That's what happened to me. If a price is too good to be true; well, it is. Sounds like I'm lucky it only cost me $900. Make sure you meet your mover face to face.

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Re: Certified Movers Inc - SCAM!!!

Postby sam_mili » Wed Jul 28, 2021 5:16 pm

Per job description provided in the agreement, the vendor (Certified Movers Inc. US DOT No. 3278871/ ICC/MC No. 1036368) picked up customer’s belongings from the pickup address and delivered the first part of the items (about 20% of the belongings) on 10/10/2020. The remaining of the customer’s belongings went to storage in Arlington VA for delivery at a later time. On 05/26/2021, the customer asked for the delivery of the remaining of his belongings (about 80% of the belongings) to be delivered on 06/22/2021. The dispatch called the customer on 06/18/2021 to acknowledge the delivery on 06/22/2021. There was no update from the dispatcher on the day of delivery. The customer tried several times to reach out to the dispatcher (Mrs. Jackie B) and the original sales representative (Mr. Anthony B.). After several attempts, the customer was told that the delivery will be done two days later (06/24/2021). There was no delivery on 06/24/2021, and the customer again tried contacting the before-mentioned affiliates of Certified Movers Inc. as well as the contact info listed in https://certifiedmoversinc.com and the original driver who picked up the customer’s belongings from the pickup address. The customer finally received a call from the delivery person (Mr. Shepherd) who noted that the delivery will be done first time in the morning of Friday 06/25/2021. However, the driver did not arrive until 5 PM. There were two men (one driver and one help) in a Budget rental truck (photo in the attachments) who were supposed to unload and reassemble the customers’ belonging. After Mr. Shepherd was paid the remaining of the agreement, he opened the door of the truck. The Customers’ belongings were piled up on top of each other (as depicted in the attachments) without being secured. The two men started dumping some of the customers’ belongings on the ground and unload the remaining items. The customer asked the delivery guys to be careful with his belongings but was aggressively asked by Mr. Shepherd to not to tell him what to do and don’t follow him inside the customer’s house. Mr. Shepherd and his associate were extremely careless about placing the items inside the customer’s house. They dragged several items on the hardwood floor which causes deep scratches (in the attached photo). When asked by the customer to reassemble the furniture per agreement), Mr. Shepherd also refused to reassemble the furniture and claimed it was not his responsibility to assemble the furniture and remove the blankets. The two men who delivered the items were unprofessional and displayed signs of aggression. The customer, for his and his family’s safety, tried to calm them and invited them to rest, to have coffee and watermelon (which customer’s spouse made for the two men). After a brief pause the two men started to unload the belongings carelessly (dropping boxes that had fragile written on them). The customer tried numerous times to reach out to representatives from Certified Movers Inc during these transactions. However, no one responded to emails, calls, and text messages. Mr. Shepherd claimed that everything was broken before he picked up the items and it was not his fault. After unloading the items Mr. Shepherd again insisted that its not his responsibility to reassemble the items but started assembling the washer and dryer (which was damaged). Mr. Shepherd moved to the master bedroom to reassemble the bed (with a broken piece) but claimed that the bed is twisted and he cannot align the headboard and the side boards. He also noted that there are parts missing which makes it impossible for him to assemble the bed. He then ignored to assemble the other furniture and departed the customer’s house at 9 PM.
Certified movers Inc has never replied to the customer. The customer has filed claims with several agencies and is contacting authorities to report theft of his belongings.

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