UF Mover Guys - DO NOT USE

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UF Mover Guys - DO NOT USE

Postby Reneer » Sun May 30, 2021 7:42 am

BASIC TL;DR: If you would be concerned about a knife sticking straight up in a box that someone you care about could easily stab themselves on you SHOULD NOT hire UF mover guys. If you care about your stuff, have any antiques/family heirlooms, or own any art DO NOT hire UF Mover Guys.
I have tried to reach someone from UF Mover Guys over phone for 12 days, with no return calls. I called before posting this Wednesday, Thursday and twice Friday with no return calls. Unfortunately, the company has left a sour taste in my mouth. I paid for a full service pack and move, meaning the movers pack EVERYTHING and move it all to the new home. I posted on Facebook originally asking for movers to be suggested, and UF Mover Guys were suggested over and over. So, I went with it. I now know I made the wrong choice. I do not know if the service has changed over time, or if it is due to some other factor. I got an email early this week saying the only damage they will allow us to have covered will be two frames (from degrees) and that they were mailing a check minus $100 of the repair costs. They have not responded to any requests for communication since.
I would like to start by saying Alex was amazing and professional. I think there was likely a good faith effort to move and pack things appropriately. Things get broken when people move. That is why, at least I, make sure I am hiring mover with insurance to cover damages.
I have reached out by phone multiple times requesting to be contacted by someone who can assist. Everyone who has answered the phone has been kind and professional – but also unable to assist. Most of the time I reach the answering services who says they will forward my message. The other times I have reached other staff who say they will contact a manager to reach out to me.

During my move multiple items got damaged. At the time I wasn’t super worried, things happen…. This is why I hired licensed and insured movers… right????? Guess not. They refused to cover most of the damage. Actually, only offering to cover the cost of two degree frames, minus the $100 deductible you must pay out of pocket.

When moving our art, they stacked multiple pieces and wrapped them in a blanket. They did not put anything between the pieces of art. This may have been because they were running low on blankets. At this point I would like to remind you – we paid for a full-service move including “all materials to pack”. My expectation would be that they would use what any mover I have ever had used… artwork boxes. The way they packed and moved caused ALL of the art they moved to have damaged frames. Every single piece of art I own now has scratches or dings (excluding two pieces that were still in the protective wrapping from the framing store). We were told we will not be compensated in any way this damage (other than the two frames of the eight plus pieces).
Next, lets move on to electronics. TVs and computer monitors. There are of course special boxes for moving flat screen TVs and other screens. None were used in our move. Instead, monitors were moved with a blanket slung over them not secured in any way. We have not turned them all on yet, as we haven’t unpacked all the power cords yet, but the one I did turn on… part of the screen is now dead. UF Mover Guys were informed – we were told we will not be compensated in any way for this damage.
The next thing we should address is furniture and glass items. My dresser had bottles of perfume on top. The movers “scoop[ed] everything into the drawer” per UF Mover Guys. When I paid for a full pack and move I expected our dresser would be emptied and packed in to boxes, and that the breakable things would be wrapped in some way. Instead, I found a dresser with random bottles of perfume and other things shoved in to all the drawers, with three of the six drawers with liquids and broken glass in them. We were told we will not be compensated in any way for this damage.
Do you care about your work supplies? Have a stamp collection you keep in a drawer? Have fun mementos on your desk? How about glass bottles in your desk drawers of ink? I hope not… because UF Mover Guys won’t unpack those drawers either. Instead, they will move them full of fragile things completely unprotected. We were told we will not be compensated in any way for related damage.

Do you think dishes and other ceramic things should be wrapped up when they are moved? If so you might not want to hire UF Mover Guys. My ceramic set was packed in a box loose with metal pans and a lid rack. We were told we will not be compensated in any way for this damage.

Do you have family members who could be hurt by a sharp knife? Who might not expect a sharp knife to be point up in a box? I wouldn’t have expected it. UF Mover Guys packed a SHARP knife standing point up in our box. I am only glad I found the box, not my grandma when she was helping up-pack, someone could have been seriously injured. Did UF Mover Guys seem to care or even comment on this when I emailed them about this? NO. We were told we will not be compensated in any way for damaged caused by the knifes to our other things.

Those sharp knifes I found sticking up, were sitting under non-stick cookware, the cookware was turned down with the knife tips pointing up in to the pans. Which as everyone know, scratched non-stick pans can cause cancer if cooked in, it is unsafe to use once damaged. Also a steak knife was sticking up in to one of my nice Zwilling ceramic pans. The knife chipped it. We were told we will not be compensated in any way for this damage.

I have a family heirloom wood table. My table was loaded in the truck with zero protection. As they brought it out of the house both me and my partner commented on how important the table was to both me and my family. The table was loaded without any protection and put on its side. The movers continued to push it against the floor of the truck as I watched and once again asked them to please be careful. Once we got to the house the movers had trouble getting the table through the door repeatedly scraping it on the door frame as I once again asked them to please be careful with it. I even commented on the current damage to the table of a drink ring from a cup I made when I was a child that my family has never forgiven. We were told we will not be compensated in any way for this damage.

These are the large things that were damaged that we contacted UF Mover Guys about. We did not ask for any compensation for broken plates, chipped bowls, or any of the small damages we found. I emailed about my art, my computer, my dresser, my nice pans and most importantly my table. A small other complaint is that the team was late by over an hour, even thought we were the first move of the day. Luckily Alex communicated this with us the day of letting us know they would be late as the team called out.

Unfortunately as UF Mover Guys said we can provide compensation for the picture frames only, offering compensation for only two of the frames.

I would not suggest anyone use this business.

P.S. “Two Gainesville men were cited by the state for operating moving businesses without proper licensing, according to the office of Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Charles H. Bronson.
Charged with operating an unregistered moving company were Jordan Seth Speisman, 28, owner of UF Mover Guys in Gainesville” per The Gainesville Sun the local newspaper. I honestly wonder if our move was done with the proper licensing now… or if that is part of the reason they are refusing to let us put in more claims against the insurance policy we paid for with our move.

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