en route LA to WA using Gemini (United)

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en route LA to WA using Gemini (United)

Postby rerickson » Mon Jul 25, 2005 11:40 am

Our things are on their way with Gemini (United Van Lines) from Santa Clarita, CA to Anacortes, WA.
408 pieces, about 225 boxes, 5 tons.
I'll let you know how it turns out.
The destination affiliate is Central Moving & Storage; I haven't looked up their reports yet.

The loading crew seemed to do a fine job, in spite of the terribly-hot weather.

Thus far, my experience with Gemini's office has not been encouraging, though at least there's no evidence of fraud or scams; it appears to be sloppiness.

I would expect a reputable company to have their procedures worked out so customers can see they're not at risk of being cheated. When I arrived the scales (Gemini's) for the loaded weight on Saturday, it turned out that the van was locked, with no key available until Monday. Nor did they seal the van; that won't happen unti today, when they confirm no other loads are going on. So I got to witness the weighing of a sealed container that might have anything in it! (At least I had written down the trailer number, so I'm confident our things were included.) Surely Gemini could have done better than that; simply giving it a seal after loading, in front of me, would have eliminated the problem.

Perhaps I'll insist on a re-weight at the destination.
Fortunately, total weight was considerably below estimate.

My suggestion to customers: buy some disposable seals, and put one on yourself after loading.
Have a spare, in case you need to seal between weighing and unloading, instead.

Gemini also seemed unprepared and unhappy when my father showed up to witness the weight of the empty van, although we'd been telling them for days that this was our wish.

Their weights are all taken at Gemini's facility, about 45 minutes' drive from our place.

An additional pickup was for a piano in a local warehouse. The warehouse kept calling us to find out what time they'd need to have somebody there to unload the piano, but I never got a reply from repeated calls to Gemini;
eventually gave their number to the warehouse, who reported they never called back.
Finally, with the load in progress, I got an estimate from the crew chief.
At a minimum, Gemini could have responded to my queries to say they didn't know yet. And given how they handled the logistics, it was predictable that the piano would be about midway through the move, rather than at the beginning or end.

No driver's been assigned yet; scheduled delivery is 7/28-29.
Our behicle is an air-ride freight trailer, one that gets dual use (movers during the summer, freight the rest of the year). For some reason, that also means we don't share it with another load.

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