Review of Sterling Van Lines (California Small Movers)

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Review of Sterling Van Lines (California Small Movers)

Postby memcnult » Mon Aug 01, 2005 1:03 pm

From Colorado to San Francisco, California.

Quoted Price: $1892, Final Price: $2264

Overall experience: Friendly, but pretty much incompetent.

Pick up, May 13th. Delivery July 14th (some things missing, delivered the following week).

My things were picked up on May 13th. Friendly, fast, although I did see the driver standing on other boxes (climbing up them), which made me a bit nervous. My delivery range was 05/13 - 06/21. I did not receive my items until 07/14. After they left, I realized they had forgotten a few items (although they had been checked off the list). These items were delivered 10 days later.

Overall, they were friendly, and fairly professional, although several times phone calls were not returned. But the lateness of my order is just so ridiculous, followed by the forgotten items.... Also, many of my boxes were in pretty bad shape, although very few items were broken. I expected, given the significant delay in delivery, that they would offer a 5-10% discount. Had they done so, I wouldn't be complaining now. Although apologetic, no monetary compensation was offered, just excuses and more delays.

I think the real problem w/ this company is their size - they should stick to California / West Coast moves. Cross country, they just don't have the fleet size to really deliver on any sort of reliable schedule. Or maybe it was just me, slipping through the cracks. One rep. told me that they should have updated my delivery date before pick up, since it was an east bound truck they should have known it would take 2 months (?!?!).

I will not use again, and in the future will stick w/ Broadway Express, hiring local muscle if needed for help loading/unloading.

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Re: Review of Sterling Van Lines (California Small Movers)

Postby janet » Mon Aug 01, 2005 1:39 pm

I'm happy for you that you're done with this whole ordeal.

They missed the delivery date by a month?! That's exactly the thing I was trying to avoid with Sterling (as you know, I'm in the process of moving with them right now). I had no idea that they were such a small operation.

If you don't mind, I had a couple of questions back my "Bumpy ride with Sterling" post.

I don't know if you're originally from SF, but I love San Francisco, and I hope your new life at the city is fruitful and exciting.

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