Manhattan Move - Parking the Truck

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Manhattan Move - Parking the Truck

Postby CassandraKC » Wed Aug 24, 2005 8:15 am

Hi all -

I'm about to move from New Hampshire to Manhattan. Decided to use Atlas Van Lines (Wood Bros is the local office and they have been very good for us in the past).

Today is my pick-up day and the movers are here now loading up my stuff. I just got a phone call from the office asking me about the parking situation in NYC - something which I know next to nothing about. They have done many moves to Manhattan, so I thought they would know about this already - guess I was wrong.

There will be 2 moving people bringing my stuff into a 5th floor walkup so the move will take some time (especially since the truck has to be locked each time they go upstairs).

Does anyone have any information about parking on side streets within Manhattan? Should I be worried about this?

Thanks for any info,

Natasha Levinger
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Re: Manhattan Move - Parking the Truck

Postby Natasha Levinger » Wed Aug 24, 2005 9:02 am

Where in Manhattan? If you're in the city you can call 311 to find out specifically the situation on your street (i.e. the restrictions on the size of trucks going through, parking rules). I just looked it up, you can call 212- NEW-YORK to find out.

Good luck!


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