Finally chose Gemini/United Van Lines of Los Angles

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Finally chose Gemini/United Van Lines of Los Angles

Postby Mickey » Wed Jul 30, 2003 7:12 pm

I just thought I'd let everybody know what I've finally ended up with.

After wasting over a week with fly-by-night scam artists for my move from Los Angeles to Ohio, I finally got reasonable estimates from Gemini/United Van Lines and from JBL Moving/Atlas Van Lines, both of Los Angeles. A call to Allied (Beverly Hills) gave me the impression that my one-bedroom apartment move was too small for them to deal with, so I didn't pursue them.

Atlas's rep came over, looked over the apartment, went through it with me item by item, then got back to me one business day later with a price of about $2400. However, when I asked for a detailed estimate listing exactly what I was paying for and what he was promising to do, he didn't deliver. His estimate was just a blanket price for the move, based on the gross pounds he had estimated. In most other ways I got the impression he and his firm are probably honest, but I couldn't get a detailed breakdown of the cost from him. That was dissatisfying.

United's agent Gemini, on the other hand, was so professional it was amazing. The rep, Cletis Harris, despite being late for the appointment, was otherwise the model of a competent businessman. United Van Lines has the whole process computerized on a hand-held gizmo, and the rep travels with his own small printer. He logged in everything I told him I wanted to move, and was able to print out an entire list on the spot. Not only did they beat Atlas's price by nearly $400, but I got paperwork that states very clearly that the price will not exceed the quote. In fact it so states in at least two separate places.

Both companies were agreeable to COD -- nothing to pay up front.

Moreover, Gemini/United gave me a pickup window for next week on exactly the days I wanted. This on less than one week's notice.

I signed with Gemini/United, and as of this moment I have a really good feeling about it. I'll let you know after the move if they show up as promised, work as professionally as their rep, and deliver as promised.

Thanks to all who post here and help out all of us potential victims. A contribution will follow soon.


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Re: Finally chose Gemini/United Van Lines of Los Angles

Postby Josh » Wed Jul 30, 2003 8:04 pm


That is great. Ask Cletis if he can put my agency as the destiantion agent in Ohio. My agency # is 582, and you can contact me if you need anything up here. I am in Youngstown every week doing appointments, so i am very familiar with that area.

By the way, a destination agent makes 0% on an interstate move, so I am obviously not trying to get a piece of any pie, just offering a familiar voice if he needs any help!

I think you have made a great choice, and welcome any questions you have for me!



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