Overcharge post-delivery - moving company's error!

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Overcharge post-delivery - moving company's error!

Postby CassandraKC » Fri Sep 02, 2005 8:45 am

I just moved from New Hampshire to Manhattan, and I was quite pleased with the move (especially my two movers, they were lovely). However, throughout the process, I have been bothered by the lax and unhelpful manner of my contact at the main office.

I just got a phonecall (5 days after my move was completed) that my credit card would be charged an additional $90 overcharge. I did come in under estimate, so this would keep my total under estimate, but I don't think I should pay because of principle.

Here is what they say:
I should have been charged that extra amount as a Saturday premium, since I requested Saturday delivery. But that was never mentioned to me at any point throughout the process. They picked up my goods on a Wednesday and I made it very clear that I could not accept delivery until Saturday. I gave the dates, and we specifically discussed that the pick-up day was a Wednesday, but I did not even think to specify that the other date was a Saturday - I knew nothing about Saturday charges, so why would I mention it? Plus, any intelligent person would figure it out in 2 seconds.

I explained my dissatisfaction to the representative, and he explained that the office required him to charge this amount - I made it clear that I did not think it was my error, so I shouldn't have to pay for their error. I asked him to explain my feelings to his office and then get back to me.

Should I be forced to pay this fee (even though it's not an incredibly large amount, it's still significant) for someone else's mistake?

Please advise on how I should go forward - thanks!

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