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Postby Karissa » Thu Sep 08, 2005 1:34 pm

Hi All,
Before I moved I searched this site for any information on Simonik/Allied movers and noticed that there was little information about the company. Just thought I'd share with you my experience.

Short summary: The move itself was fine -- the frustration is in dealing with Simonik's office people.

I moved from NJ to CA. The "relocation consultant" (aka salesperson) who came to do the in-house estimate was very professional. He came in a suit, w/ a folder of information ready, and explained what would happen in the move process. Everything he said sounded great, the estimate was comparable, so I decided to go with them.

There was definitely a disconnect between what actually happened and what the salesperson said would happen.

- I was told they would not charge my credit card until after the move -- it was charged a few days before the move.
- I was told the movers would put down plastic on the carpeting so as to not mess up the floor -- they didn't.
- I was told soft furniture would be wrapped in plastic -- they were not.
- I had paid for two mattress boxes for the mattress and box spring -- they were never used.
- I was told Simonik used their own drivers -- my driver, although a part of Allied, was not part of Simonik.

Aside from that, the rest of the loading process was fine -- the driver and mover were friendly and overall careful with my belongings. The driver also gave me his cell phone number so that I could be in contact with him while things were in transit.

Delivery of items went smoothly. Driver called beforehand to confirm delivery date, nothing was broken, all items were delivered.

After I realized that mattress boxes were not used, I called Simonik to request a refund on the credit card as well as a receipt of total charges once the move was completed. The person I spoke to, Sara, yessed me, but after the move was complete, I received nothing. I had to call 3 times to request a receipt. She said she would email it, it didn't come; then she claimed it was sent, but it was obvious she lied when she verified the mailing address b/c I had specifically given her a different address to mail the receipt to. She cut me off in conversation at times and seemed to have little patience in dealing with me.

By the third time I called, she printed out the receipt while I was on the phone. When I asked about when to expect the refund to show up on my credit card, she abruptly answered that corporate took care of that. Upon receipt of the receipt, I noticed that there was a typo between the GNTE price and "payment received" -- a difference of $.03. (My total weight ended up being higher than that of the estimated weight, so the discrepancy was not due to weight of shipping.) That leads me to believe that this receipt was hand-typed.

Although the receipt Sara finally mailed me included the refund for the mattress boxes, no paperwork had been filed to make it happen. I had to call Simonik a fourth time, and this time was directed by the receptionist to someone in their accounting department. This person couldn't figure out what what the situation was -- unable to verify from their documents that I was telling the truth, claimed that it wasn't their driver so they didn't have all the necessary files, and ended up redirecting me to Allied's customer service.

Sheila in customer service has claimed to put in a request to the appropriate department. I have what is supposed to be a confirmation number of the request. We shall see if this goes through or not.

My overall assessment -- Having had a really bad experience once before, I'm just thankful I received everything intact and within the estimated time frame. However, no one in Simonik's office seemed to care much about what happened after they had an order booked.

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