Price misrepresentation with Father & Son (FL)

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Price misrepresentation with Father & Son (FL)

Postby bherde » Tue Sep 13, 2005 11:32 pm

I contacted Father & Son Moving and Storage ( in July 2005 to request a quote for a move from Orlando, FL to Boston, MA. I had recently gotten a job in the Boston area, and my wife and I were looking to move immediately. Since we did not have much time to plan our move ahead of time, we were turned down by different other moving companies, because supposedly that was a pretty busy time of the year for moves. However, when I spoke to Bryan from Father & Son, he readily assisted me and quoted me about $1700 (we did not have much furniture) to move our one bedroom apartment from FL to MA, door to door. I explained to him that this was a last-minute move, and that I wouldn’t have a place to deliver the stuff to until later on the next week since we were flying to Boston on Monday to look for apartments. He explained that it wouldn’t be a problem, that if the stuff got there before Friday, they would store them in a storage unit and deliver them once we have our place. I specifically asked if the price included all of this, and he never mentioned anything about additional prices. The only thing he mentioned was that the price may go up $100-$300 depending on the final moving weight. Seeing that this was within my $2000 budget for moving, I decided to go ahead and contract them.

When the movers came on that Saturday, they were about 5 hours late for the arranged pick up. After the pickup was complete they told me they would be in MA by the following Monday. I told them at that time, that I wouldn’t be flying to Boston until Monday morning, and told them about the arrangement I had with Bryan (the dispatcher).

We fly into Boston on Monday, and start looking for apartments right away. I get a call from the driver on Monday evening saying he’s arrived in Boston, and asking where he should deliver the stuff to. He also informs me that because of overweight, the total came up to $2700, a good $1000 more that they had originally quoted me and way off my budget. I explain to him once more about the arrangement, and he says that I should call Bryan the dispatcher, because he needs to unload the stuff by the next morning in order to head back on the road. I call Bryan up, and he explains to me that all their storage units are occupied, and that I would have to find a storage unit myself. After much argument about the price-misrepresentation and storage space, I finally get him to find me another storage unit to leave my stuff in. The next day I meet the driver at the 3rd party storage place they found me, and they were actually going to have me pay for the unit. I explained to the owner of the storage place that I was not going to pay for this, since it was Father & Son who guaranteed me a storage unit, and therefore they should cough up the bill. The owner lets us put the stuff in the unit, and says that he would figure it out with them. I end up spending almost 6 hours of that day dealing with this issue and getting them their $2700 bank check, time that could’ve been spent looking for apartments.

By Thursday we found an apartment, and I call Father & Son to deliver our stuff to the new address. Bryan then informs me that in order to get our stuff out he’ll have to charge me. He says that since we had an agreement he would charge me a discounted rate of $125 an hour, and says that it will take about 5 hours to do the job. I explain to him that it was agreed upon that the price agreed upon included door to door delivery, and he denies that. He explains that since they have to go to the storage place to get the stuff, it would be considered a local move. I explain to him that that wasn’t my problem, it was their fault that they offered me a storage unit that they didn’t have. He doesn’t budge, and so I call the office in Jacksonville, FL to try to speak to the manager there. I get a guy on the line who says he will look into the issue and talk to the owner about it, after which he would call me back. Needless to say, I never got a call back. I call Bryan up the next day, and he quite rudely tells me that I either pay them the additional $600, or I find a way to pick up the stuff on my own. My wife and I end up having to rent a UHAUL truck and move the stuff from the storage unit to our new apartment ourselves. We decided to rather pay $100 to rent the truck then pay Father & Son another $600 after they had already conned us into $2700 without delivering on the agreement. Lesson learned. We’ll never ever deal with this company again, and I will tell everyone I know not to deal with them either. I have already put them on the blacklist at my work, so that any employees relocating will know not to contract Father & Son Moving.

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Re: Price-Misrepresentation

Postby Diane » Wed Sep 14, 2005 12:55 am

Very sorry about what happened to you. Apparently they are notorious. Check out this thread for other horror stories about Father & Son Moving in FL and elsewhere -


Re: Price misrepresentation with Father & Son (FL)

Postby melanie » Fri Sep 16, 2005 1:32 pm

Father and Sons moving company should not be allowed to operate!
They pulled the "overweight" scam on me...
When I spoke with the owner in NEW JERSEY, he told me that if I don't pay up, my "sh*t" will be sent back to NYC. He was verbally abusive and an absolute horror to deal with. When my husband got on the phone and threatened his life, he quickly dropped the price...but we still ended up paying about 500 dollars more than proposed.
When we finally got our belongings (10 days late), many items of furniture were broken...
DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY! YOU WILL BE SOOOOOOOO SORRY... Apparently this is commonplace for many moving unless your job is paying for it, you'd be better off going with the UHAUL.....

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