Arnoff Moving and Storage, Newburgh NY

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Arnoff Moving and Storage, Newburgh NY

Postby Shandrew » Tue Sep 27, 2005 10:07 am

We have so many complaints after using this company for our military move this summer. First of all, we are missing an entire crate of very expensive items. These include a master mechanic tool box, full of tools, a lawnmower, weedeater, trampoline, sawhorses, workbench, hoses, car jack, etc... Secondly, they couldn't pack a box to save their lives!!! They packed things that aren't supposed to be shipped (lighters, potpurrie oils, firestarter wood, etc.). They did NOT wrap things at all! They took thing out of drawers and threw them in a box. One of my unpackers on this side had her finger nicked by a razor. One of my kitchen boxes is booby trapped with all of the sharp items poking out everywhere. I'm surprised I don't have puncture holes in my arms. They packed so many liquid items, I'm surprised all of my boxes weren't soaked when they got here. My electronics were not wrapped at all, only had 2 sheets of paper between the items and some paper in the box. I could go on and on! Luckily for us, the government is putting the pressure on them to find the missing crate and pay for other items we claim, but it's still a time-consuming ordeal to list and price every item missing (all those tools) and it made a stressful situation even harder. I really feel for all of y'all who do this at your own expense and I would hate to see any of you go through this with this company. I must note that my husband was the only one present when they packed, as I was already down here getting our house back from the renters. So make sure when they do pack your stuff, you are really paying attention.

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Re: Arnoff Moving and Storage, Newburgh NY

Postby Diane » Tue Sep 27, 2005 10:16 am

I just reviewed the posts about Arnoff by using the Search button here. It seems that this is a very old company, in business since 1925, with a formerly good reputation. I believe it is an agent of North American Van Lines. But recently, a couple of people have posted complaints that it either came in with a very high quote or refused to give any kind of quote at all until everything was weighed, which seems odd.

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