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Moyer & Sons

Postby Guest » Fri Nov 11, 2005 10:44 am

After reading good info on this site, I went with Moyer & Sons for my Maryland move. Their quote was a little high, but it was for 2 trucks and 4 movers. I figured I'd be better going with the higher hourly rate than going with a company that quoted one truck and then ran out of room on the truck.

They were awesome!! They were professional and courteous, fast and efficient. It's weird to see movers show up at 8 in the morning in a good mood! But they were and had good teamwork too. Seems like they all had a lot of experience and the whole thing was really smooth. They took few breaks and didn't dilly-dally.

They were so fast that it would have cost me half of what was quoted if I hadn't been 2 hours late (signing loan papers) to the new location, and as it was, it was about 3 hours less than quoted. I could not arrange to have an on-site estimate, so they quoted a little high in hours to be on the safe side.

So I definitely think it was cheaper than the low-ballers who have a lot of hidden fees, even though they started with the highest quote. Plus none of my stuff was stolen, lost or damaged. The movers were the best part of the whole buying, selling and moving experience.

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