BNTE estimate and inventory lists

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BNTE estimate and inventory lists

Postby drivingwest » Sat Nov 19, 2005 9:17 pm

Can anyone help me sort this out, please.

I've gotten 3 estimate from 3 movers (Olympic Moving (Wheaton or Rainier), Paul Taylor (United), and Humboldt (United) for a move from Boston to San Francisco.

Olympic has given me a non-binding estimate. His estimation of the total weight of the shipment was 500# less than Paul Taylor, and 1100# less than Humboldt. It looks like the big difference is in the number of book boxes estimated.

I asked Olympic if they would be willing to give me a BNTE estimate. He said he would if I were willing to sign off on the inventory he did when he came out to do the estimate.

So, finally, here's my question. If Olympic has underestimated the number of book boxes necessary, can they just say that, in their inventory they estimated for 12 boxes, and, in fact, there are 20 and charge me for the additional 8? Or, having seen the contents of my apartment, are they stuck with their lower estimate? Sorry, that's not very succinct, but I don't know how else to ask....

Also, Olympic is planning on using Rainier (who they usually reserve for international shipments) because it came out to be cheaper and there will be less handling of my stuff (it's going into storage for a couple of months and, with Rainier, they ship the containers themselves instead of transfering things to a big truck for the cross country portion of the move. Any experience with Rainier out there?

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Re: BNTE estimate and inventory lists

Postby Michael » Sat Nov 19, 2005 11:10 pm

First, I have to ask why you would want to put yourself in that position of what if. Not saying you would do this, but why do people put themselves in these situations and then come back and complain about it if the company does come back to you to say you needed more packed then estimated. Why do that to yourself and why put yourself through that hassle.

I am also surprised by the sales man answer to you "if your willing" to sign the inventory. You have to sign the inventory no matter what type of quote they give you. Most companies will not make a big fuss out of a few boxes. BUt they will make a fuss out of alot of boxes.

Keep in mind that a NTE quote takes the actuals cost of your move versus the quote given and the lesser of the two is what you pay.

I didnt know Rainier did interstate moves.

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Re: BNTE estimate and inventory lists

Postby Guest » Sun Nov 20, 2005 8:05 am


were the quotes from united binding? that would probably explain for the extra weight.

did Olympic give you a not to exceed quote?

the fact that your furniture is handled once is also a plus.

but keep in mind to still research rhe company out

price in not everything.

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Re: BNTE estimate and inventory lists

Postby Diane » Mon Nov 21, 2005 3:57 pm

Hi - people have posted previously that another moving company in the Boston area (Gentle Giant) said that it would use Rainier to ship goods long-distance - If Olympic (Wheaton) is also going to do so, you need to find out whether your goods would be transported by rail. In the phrase "they ship the containers" the word containers sounds a bit ominous to me. People have said that furniture transported by rail may end up as matchsticks. This may be unfair, but I am just saying that you need to clarify how your goods would be moved cross-country by the Wheaton agent, i.e. by Rainier.

You should ask your Olympic rep what would happen if you had 20 book boxes rather than the 12 that he estimated. If necessary, get him to change the inventory--it probably won't make that much of a difference in price.

I am a little concerned that Olympic is coming in so much cheaper than the other two. (As the above poster says, it could be because its rep gave you a Nonbinding estimate, and when you ask for a Binding Not to Exceed one it could come in higher.) The company has been discussed here before and people noted that it has 9 (now 10) BBB complaints over the past 3 years--not horrible but not so great either. Unfortunately you can't check out Humboldt because the Eastern MA BBB just refers you to the Southern IL BBB, where there is no information given. There's nothing on Paul Taylor either, but a driver I trust ("East Coast Mover") has praised the company. Olympic did get a quality award from Wheaton Van Lines in 2004, a good sign.

Lots of people have considered using Olympic, Humboldt, and Paul Taylor and they have posted about it. Here is one thread you might look at, for example, besides the one I cited above - You can do a search to see other comments. Put "Paul Taylor" in quotation marks and be careful about Olympic, because there is a scammer in Illinois with the same name as your company in Watertown, MA. Someone was praising the Paul Taylor rep here -

Bottom line: I think you would probably be OK with any of the three.

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