Anyone ever use Suddath Relocation in Odenton, MD?

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Anyone ever use Suddath Relocation in Odenton, MD?

Postby X » Tue Nov 22, 2005 6:17 pm

They are affiliated with United Van Lines. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with them? Also, we are considering using U-Pack and hiring movers from Moving Staffers. Does anyone have any experience with Moving Staffers? We are located in Baltimore, though they are a national company.

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Re: Anyone ever use Suddath Relocation in Odenton, MD?

Postby Diane » Tue Nov 22, 2005 7:23 pm

Hi - as far as I know, the Suddath companies are all reputable.

As for using MovingStaffers to load your things, although the company has positioned itself as a recommended vendor with ABF and Movex as well as Penske and Budget, there are enough negative reports that I myself would hesitate to use it. You can do a search here yourself using the Search button above and putting "Moving Staffers" in quotation marks as keywords. Here are a few threads to consider: (contains a link to reviews of the company on, some of which are pretty clearly fake and in one of which the person seems to have had his arm twisted by the company to change his review)
There is also a bad report on RipoffReport -

People who moved with ABF have used workers from Labor Ready at with mostly good results. You could also try, picking a company that has high ratings, or you could hire a couple of people from a local moving company. In the latter two cases, the workers may not be covered by workers' comp and liability insurance, judging from what people have posted here. (Labor Ready workers are covered in those areas but may be less skilled, so it's kind of a tradeoff.)

You may find that hiring helpers directly from a local moving company like Beltway that is known to be reputable is almost as cheap as hiring helpers from an unknown company through MovingStaffers. If you investigate this I would be interested in what you find out.

Also, here is an older thread that might interest you since you are in MD. The person hired a company called Carolyn's that she found on to supply labor and posted a rave review - (Disregard the negative comments about from the U-Haul manager that are on that thread. People from have performed well for many, many people posting here since then.)


Re: Anyone ever use Suddath Relocation in Odenton, MD?

Postby X » Wed Nov 23, 2005 4:32 pm

Thanks for the info! We are going with Suddath and will update later with our experience. So far, they kindly provided a huge amount of used boxes in good condition.

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