CA to NY- Easy move, right movers

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CA to NY- Easy move, right movers

Postby JordanNicole » Tue Dec 06, 2005 9:42 pm


When I first started looking for movers for my trek from CA to NY someone recommended this site to me. I had filled out one of those online forms and starting getting calls left and right from companies I thought sounded reputable- until I started researching them on this site. I was quickly overwhelmed. I didn't know who to trust or what the right amount I should be paying was.

I would talk to some of the companies listed here (ASAP, SuperMovers) who gave me great quotes that sounded reasonable, and also *plenty* of reassurance that there would be no other fees that surprised me at the end and I would have an on time delivery. They were always helpful, nice and answered my questions but I couldn't fully go with them based on the many bad experiences people had written about here.

It was a really tough and stressful time. I am a single female and I was entrusting my life possessions. Obviously you want them treated with care!

I was referred to Rossiter Relocations ( and had them come out to do an estimate. The quote was so much higher than I had heard from anyone else. I really wrestled with spending the extra money but felt I could really trust them- they had come pre-qualified as they handle local corporate moves for Qualcomm. I figured that the lower price the others were quoting me would most likely be made up for in some hidden agenda- late delivery, furniture that had been dinged up or misplaced, etc. or holding my stuff hostage. So I bit the bullet and went with the higher price.

The day of the move I had the most awesome team lead, Ed Williams, show up at my door with a really nice and efficient team of guys. Ed was going to be the driver of the truck. I appreciated that the actual driver is the one that oversaw the loading. Ed was so personable, so funny and I just felt so comfortable with my stuff in his hands. Not only did everything get here without any problems, it got to NY early! And, his team here was also efficient, nice guys. Ed didn't have to drive the shuttle truck into Brooklyn to drop off my stuff, but he did, and I appreciated it so much.

So much, in fact, that I had to come back here and share my experience and offer a strong recommendation for Rossiter and especially Ed.

Oh! And one other actual weight came in under the estimate so it was cheaper than I had thought. More than the other guys still but it was worth it. You get what you pay for sometimes and your personal belongings are not the things to skimp with. No hidden fees or agendas. Just professionalism and on-time delivery all in one piece. Who can ask for more than that?

Thanks Ed Williams! And thanks to all that contribute to this site. It was so helpful.

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Re: CA to NY- Easy move, right movers

Postby Diane » Tue Dec 06, 2005 9:55 pm

How great that you took the time to post this. Rossiter has been mentioned before (favorably) by people in the industry and it is a United agent, as you know. Here's another thread where it was discussed - Note that although it had good quality scores, someone posting as "skinny" chimed in to say that he had a bad experience with the company (but gave no details).


Re: CA to NY- Easy move, right movers

Postby JordanNicole » Thu Dec 15, 2005 10:46 pm

One thing to add to my post...I packed all of my own stuff with the exception of the big heavy furniture. I was *very* careful that everything was properly wrapped with bubble wrap, popcorn, paper, etc.

Not sure what the sitch was with the person that had a bad experience with Rossiter...

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