Great move with Planes United

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Great move with Planes United

Postby loveburns » Sun Dec 18, 2005 9:16 pm

In October and November I got a lot of information from this web site and message board concerning a move I was planning for myself and my wife. We moved the week after Thanksgiving from Chicago to Portland, ME. Since I had a November 14th start date at my new job in Portland (and we have a lot of stuff-just the 2 of us) we decided to hire professional movers.
I was really scared after rreading some of the stories here about people getting ripped off so I decided to pay up for a name brand mover. After talking to 4 different national companies in Chicago, it came down to a tough choice between Jackson Allied and Planes United. The reason it was so hard a decision is that the representatives we saw from those two places were very professional and thorough. The prices were very close.
Our stuff left our condo in Chicago on Tuesday and we were accepting delivery on Sunday morning. The driver of the truck really inspired confidence. He talked to us throughout the move in to let us know how things were going. We had a dresser that had some major damage during the unloading (we're considering a claim) but I don't think it happened because they were being reckless, it just happened. We had 8000 pounds of stuff, almost everything in good shape.
If you can afford it (we paid about $5000), I'd say go with the major players. and if you're moving from Chicago, go with Planes.

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Re: Great move with Planes United

Postby Diane » Sun Dec 18, 2005 9:24 pm

Thanks so much for this--it comes at an opportune time because I'm just compiling a summary post on Chicago-area moving companies. I noticed when I did it that three United agents in Chicago (Planes, All Chicagoland, and Armstrong) all have pretty good reviews. People who want to look at your prior posts can see them here -

Just a question if you see this: was the driver who delivered your things the same driver who picked them up, and was the truck a Planes truck? A person who works for Planes ("moveman") has told me in a Private Message that Planes self-hauls 75% of the loads it books, which is desirable.

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