Moving experience with Clark Moving (Mayflower) - NY to IA

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Moving experience with Clark Moving (Mayflower) - NY to IA

Postby SSarkar » Mon Dec 19, 2005 5:42 pm

Hello everyone,

I would like to report my experience with moving from Albany, NY to Des Moines, IA. I have asked some questions before and here is the link if you are interested:

I finally contracted Clark Moving and Storage located at Schenectady, NY, who is an agent of Mayflower. Their sales rep Andi came to my apartment and gave me a GNTE of $2205 (including value protection for $20,000 with $250 deductible) for what he estimated about 3600 lbs. He made an inventory which I had to change to add few items and take out some, but Andi was prompt enough to accommodate those. He said that I do not need to worry about exact items unless I add a significant amount of goods on top of the inventory. I was supposed to get my stuff delivered within 4-10 days.

So, I went with them. I packed all the boxes, and the movers were supposed to disassemble and wrap my furnitures. On the move day (12/2/05), they were supposed to show up between 8-9 AM; of course, they did not. I called the office, and Andi told me that they were picking up someone else's stuff, so would be there by 11 AM. He apologized that no one called me to inform me of the delay. I called their office again at 11:30, they said that they should be there within noon. Finally they showed up at 12:30 PM with their truck that had the Mayflower sign. It was not a 18-wheeler as they told me, but a smaller truck. I asked the driver and he said that they will take everything to their warehouse and then the stuff will be loaded to an assigned truck later. I was little nervous since I was not told about this arrangement and I was afraid that this transfer might damage my furniture. But what else I could do at that point?

Anyway, there were the driver (Michael) and 2 movers. Michael started making an inventory and the other 2 started with moving my boxes. I was amazed to see how quickly they moved the heavy boxes. Michael did not go with the inventory that Andi made, but created his own inventory with the codes for the condition of the furniture. He did a pretty thorough job. Only thing Andi did not tell me was that my double-dresser mirror needed to be packed in a box. I thought they would do it, they thought I would do it. Anyway, they said they will pack it in their warehouse for $23. I was happy.

They did the moving pretty fast. Everything was done within 2 hours. One person was extremely efficient and he did the furniture wrapping and I could see that he did that with great care. I felt comfortable about that. I gave them a good tip thinking that they would pay extra attention to unload it at the warehouse. Michael told me that I should call the office in 2 hours to get my final price. I called the office, and they told me that my weight was actually 3060 punds, so with some extra services like packing the mirror and some torchier lamps, it would be $2050.21. I was really happy about that.

Then I flew back to Des Moines and kept checking the Mayflower tracking site for my shipment information. It was loaded into the assigned truck on 12/08, and then I was getting nervous to see that the driver was in CT (not on the way to IA!!) next day. Anyway, I thought I would be happy if I get my stuff by 12/13 or Mayflower will give me a 25% discount.

Well, I got a phone call from the driver, Jermaine (prefers Jay) on 12/12 saying that he would deliver my stuff on 12/13 around 9-9:30 AM. My doorbell rang at 9:40 AM and he was there with a similar truck which says "United Van Lines". I went down with my check in hand as I know that it was necessary. He laughed at my keenness to pay. He came up to see my apartment. I was little worried since it was a long haul (about 350 feet from the gate). He said "wow", but then added, "it's nothing like those NYC buildings, so not that bad, just mediocre". I was relieved. He gave me the inventory checklist to check against the stuff he delivered and make sure that I received everything.

Then I asked him where were his helpers and he said that he was the one doing everything. I was scared since my entertainment center was almost 250 lbs. but he assured me that he is strong enough to do everything all by himself. I was still skeptical but I am telling you, that guy is strong (or strongest of all I have ever seen). My husband also took time off of work as I declined to do both end of the move by myself, so he was not happy about staying there for long but I could care less (with my single-handed packing all by myself for weeks on the other end). Jay also told me that he works for United Van lines but often times big company contracts their moves to each other.

Anyway, I got lunch for us and had to drag him to eat. He likes to work but I was hungry and he had to eat with us. Then he went back to work again. He told me that he had to re-pack all the furnitures at the warehouse in NY with his own material. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with his packing. All my furnitures arrived in great shape - NOT EVEN A TINY CHIP on any of them. The mirror he packed with paper, then blanket and then a box. The best thing about his moving was the care he took with all my furniture and boxes, as if they were his own stuff. My husband said he dids not take such great care while moving locally earlier. All my boxes are in great shape, do not look like they made such a long trip (I have saved them in my storage for future move). I opened about 10 boxes so far, nothing broken so far.

In addition, what I liked about him was his attitude. When my entertainment center was set up, my husband asked for his help to put my new 30" HDTV on it. The TV was too big and we needed to take the back portion off to put it in and set it up. JAY did that for us, put a towel on the entertainment center before he put the TV on so that it does not make any scratch on the furniture. Who would you expect to do that?

He finished in about 6 hours to do the move and assemble every furniture, that's also due to the long haul to my apartment from the front of the building. We checked off the inventory list, signed all the paperwork. If you can afford some extra time to load and unload, I can bet that you will never get such a great mover/driver/packer.

One last thing I need to mention, while packing my furniture, Jay disassembled the torchiers, and put the bulbs in a separate box which he said was buried somewhere in the truck. He promised me that he would find the box and drop it off on his way back in few days. He DID DROP THEM OFF at the apartment on Saturday while we were out and left a message informing me that he did so. I HAVE NOT SEEN SUCH A RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR FROM MANY PEOPLE, DEFINITELY I DID NOT EXPECT THIS FROM A MOVER WHO ARE FAMOUS FOR BEING LATE AND BREAKING PROMISES.

Overall, my move went smoothly unlike many whose horror stories are posted in this website. I am really thankful to Tim, Rick, and Diane for your advise, and suggestions. Without your contribution to this site, I would have fallen into the trap of those FL scammers and tearing my hair apart by now!

I am pretty happy with Clark Moving of Schenectady. However, if anyone is moving in the east coast (particularly Maryland area) and the MidWest, I would recommend that, if you can afford 6/7 hours on each end of the move, go with United AND ASK FOR JAY (JERMAINE HARPER). He moves within east coast and midwest - does not drive to west coast. He is the best!!! You will be so happy when all your stuff reach you in exact same condition as they left!!! Michael and other movers in NY were great too. If they did not do a good job, my stuff could have been broken by the time Jay picked it up. So I should give credit to them too. But since Jay repacked every item and drove it 1150 miles and unpacked it here in same condition, I am prone to giving him more credit.

Thank you all. I hope you don't get bored to read such a long posting but I wanted to report my experience so somebody else can be saved from the nightmare.

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Re: Moving experience with Clark Moving (Mayflower) - NY to

Postby MusicMom » Mon Dec 19, 2005 8:50 pm

That sounds like a really nice move for you! Thanks fo the update. I'm sure Jay appreciates the kind words (and the plug :wink: ).

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Re: Moving experience with Clark Moving (Mayflower) - NY to

Postby Diane » Mon Dec 19, 2005 9:16 pm

What a nice report! Just goes to show that a shipment can be transferred into and out of a warehouse and still arrive unscathed as long as the drivers and helpers care. Kudos to Jermaine ("Jay") Harper, United Van Lines driver extraordinaire!

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