Beware of Consolidated Transport & SORAGHAN Movers

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Beware of Consolidated Transport & SORAGHAN Movers

Postby troubled_by_movers » Thu Jan 12, 2006 8:31 pm

We scheduled a move from Overland Park,Kansas to Tampa,Florida on 12 Oct 2005.
We got the price quote from various movers out of which we selected the Consolidated Transport, MI, since its name was not on the blacklist....Thats the biggest mistake of our lives. The sales co-ordinator at Consolidated transport by the name Seth (email was surprisingly helpful in providing a good quote. That was the last time I spoke to him or ever heard of him. On the move date, they sent the movers called SORAGHAN Transport based in Tinley Park,Chicago. Thats when we realised that Consolidated Transport is just a broker. Beware, Consolidated Transport take your money, give your stuff to someone else and they are gone....You will have no way to contact Consolidated Transport after that. I have left atleast 20 messages from Oct12th to Dec 23rd, 2005 for Seth and others at Consolidated Transport, but no one responded.

On the move day the driver arrived 4hrs late. We expected atleast two people so that the loading will be easy and fast as we stayed in 2nd floor. The truck was in a horrible shape. Just looking at the truck, we could make out that noway it will make to Florida from Kansas. But we had to give our stuff to them anyway as I had to report to my work the next week.The driver started to wrap all the things from 6PM and we were done atlast at 1AM.As he had come alone we had to help him in moving & loading the things.Atlast somehow the loading was done.

Once we arrived in Tampa and finalised the appartment,we called the company to inform our new address.From here the actual misery started.The movers said that our stuff will be reaching us in 3-4 days. This happened for days, then weeks passed and then months...Everytime we hear a new story from SORAGHAN...Here are some of the stories they told us in the 2 months..(I have tried to make this short...Believe me, I can write an entire novel about the troubles we went thru and about the stories SORAGHAN told us..)

1) The truck had flat tires.
2) The truck was held up in Virginia by Police
3) The truck went back to Chicago.
4) Our stuff has been moved to a storage
5) The truck is in Phoenix.
6) The driver left the company..The truck is in North Carolina
7.1) People have gone home for Thanksgiving vacation
7.2) Soraghan sent 5 drivers so far to North Carolina to pick up the truck containing my stuff, but nobody had the keys.

This drama kept on continuing.

During this 2months period we left 100s of messages to both Consolidated and Soraghan to know where our stuff was.These days were the worst period of our lives.It was a nightmare.These movers are very irresponsible,hopeless,don't fear for anyone....not even for police...not even god.The police was of no help regarding these kind of cases b'coz we even called one will pls better be careful.

Atlast on Dec 23rd we got our stuff (after being in the truck or god knows where for so many days). The TV and Music system were missing.

So please be beware of Consolidated transport and Soraghan Movers. Here is what you will encounter when you deal with them

Consolidated Transport:
1) Absolutely irresponsive...It is impossible to get hold of someone in the company..I have left 100's of message, but no response so far.
2) They will quote a very very low price, so you will be tempted to go with them...but beware,Once you give the money, they are gone for ever. You will never be able to talk to anyone or get hold of anyone after that.

Soraghan Movers:
1) You will never be able to get hold of the long distance matter what...Basically, they are least bothered, unresponsive etc etc..

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Re: Beware of Consolidated Transport & SORAGHAN Movers

Postby Diane » Thu Jan 12, 2006 9:03 pm

Soraghan used to be an agent for Mayflower Van Lines, but I'm not sure whether it still is. It has had bad reports here in the past. I'll add your sad experience to my summary post on Illinois moving companies. Thanks for sharing and I'm very sorry about what happened to you.

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