Review of Meyer's Movers (Arpin) from Chicago

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Review of Meyer's Movers (Arpin) from Chicago

Postby chitoaustin » Wed Mar 01, 2006 12:14 am

Hi Everyone,

I just completed a move from Chicago to Austin, Texas and used Wm Meyer's Movers (Arpin) out of Itasca (not to be confused with Meyers-Mayflower which has been reviewed on this site). They were recommended to me by a friend who used them to move from Chicago to LA.

I was very pleased with the experience and only have one "criticism".

First you should know that I had a small move--no furniture except my bed and two small end tables. A bike, lots of books, clothes, photos/mementos, some dishes/glasses and kitchenware and some framed art.

Due to various back injuries among the people helping me move in both states, Broadway Express or similar companies weren't going to work. I needed a mover.

I had 3 in home estimates (and honestly am blanking on the names of the other two, but I can find them if anyone wants to know). One had a minimum of 3,000 and estimated my weight at 1600. The other had a minimum of 2,100 and estimated my weight at 1500. I was rather annoyed because when I called each company I gave a general idea of the items and said it was a small move. Neither of these companies told me a weight minimum.

Meyer's told me they had a minimum of 1,000 lbs and estimated my weight at 2300. At the time, the guy told me he was over estimating intentionally to give me the highest ballpark figure and that I was almost guaranteed to be under the weight.

The 2,100 lb company raised me to their minimum and gave me a binding estimate at that weight. The 3,000 lb company lowered their minimum to 2,000 and also gave me a binding estimate at that weight. Meyer's estimated me at 2300lbs but said my cost would be based on actual weight and all 3 estimates were within $250 (between $2000-2250).

I had trouble finding a moving company to do such a small haul (the other places I called were more speciality movers --art and such and they were much more expensive) and no way was I driving a rental truck and towing my car. Incidentially-the estimate I got from UHaul was about $1800, not much lower than hiring a mover and paying their minimum weight.

I thought it was a little strange that the company with the lowest minimum gave me the highest estimated weight. I ended up going with Meyer's after they gave me a guaranteed not to exceed estimate (which basically matched the other companies binding estimates) and because of the personal recommendation from my friend.

I needed a shuttle in Chicago and had two sets of movers (shuttle in Chicago and the actual haul to Texas). Jerry and Tim did the move on the shuttle and were great. Very efficient. Very patient (this was my first move using movers and I was asking questions). Luis did the drive to Texas and was also very nice and very efficient. Most of my stuff went into storage, but no boxes looked damaged from the outside and so far what I've unpacked is fine.

My weight ended up being 1360 lbs and the cost for the move was $1504.

So my criticism is really how off the estimate was. I understand wanting to "prepare me for the worst" but being off by 1,000 lbs? I'm not sure what the standard is here, but that does seem high. He did need to walk through an apartment I shared with a roommate and piece together the estimate. But the other two were much closer. In the end it didn't matter since the estimating worked in my favor so I'm not sure it's really a criticism... Also the movers did sound surprised that Meyer's had told me a 1000lb minimum--they thought it was 2000 and thought it might be because we were off season that it was lowered.

So all in all, I did have a great experience. Please let me know if you have questions. I'm trying to get this in before all the details fade from my memory and I'm sure I've left stuff out.

Oh, I forgot to ention that Meyer's is the "official" mover of the Chicago Bears. That meant nothing to me in terms of getting my business, but it may to someone else.


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Re: Review of Meyer's Movers (Arpin) from Chicago

Postby Diane » Wed Mar 01, 2006 12:47 am

Thanks, Lori. It was very nice of you to come back to report and I'll add your comments to my summary post on Chicago movers. I hadn't heard of that company before.

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Re: Review of Meyer's Movers (Arpin) from Chicago

Postby chitoaustin » Wed Mar 01, 2006 10:52 am


I read the boards a lot before doing my move and saw that a lot of folks give info/ask questions at the beginning of a move. Not nearly as many come back with the results. Just thought I'd do my part to try and help some others.

From what I can tell, Meyer's is a smaller agent and does a lot of local moves around Chicago. They had a delivery coming to Dallas the same week as me on one of their own trucks, so my stuff did not get farmed out, which was an added bonus.

Incidentially, there is a separate post from Marina Q that I'll respond to. Armstrong was one of the two other places I got an estimate from.


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