Moved from CT to San Diego with Joyce!

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Moved from CT to San Diego with Joyce!

Postby just_moved » Tue Apr 11, 2006 2:43 am

We just moved from New Haven area to San Diego using Joyce. John Adams gave us a GNTE of $5800 for 5000 pounds and a 4-door sedan on the truck as well. I didn't think we had that much so I thought the number would be lower for sure. We also had them pack everything for us. They were also pretty flexible with the pick up date and said the stuff would arrive in SD somewhere between 3/30 and 4/4. On moving day three guys showed up with a budget truck b/c they said that the semi was still on the road and a flatbed truck came and took our car. They were going to load it later which I wasn't thrilled about but it seemed legitimate. The guys were really hard workers and packed the place up and loaded the truck in about 8 hours. They showed up on time and were done by 4. Then when they got to CA, two guys hauled everything from the semi up to our condo. They even took boxes away that I unpacked while they were there.
Our stuff was packed very well and nothing broke except a washing machine knob that looked like it was glued back on. Also, we are missing an ikea lamp stand. They were very careful with the couches and furnitre and nothing looks damaged. The car came out fine too.
The weight actually came in at 6400 too so I guess we got a good deal.
I would reccomend Joyce. They were straightforward about everything and I think we got a good price and good service.

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Re: Moved from CT to San Diego with Joyce!

Postby Diane » Tue Apr 11, 2006 10:36 am

Hi - thanks for this review, which I'll add to my summary post on CT moving companies. $5800 for 6400 pounds plus a car is a real bargain for a cross-country move.

Just so I can keep things straight, are you the same person who posted as "Magda" on this thread? -


Re: Moved from CT to San Diego with Joyce!

Postby just_moved » Tue Apr 11, 2006 1:08 pm

No, I'm not Magda.
We actually had a 1400 sq ft 3 BR house that definitely wasn't full of furniture. I haven't posted here before but did go through the boards before choosing our movers. I got a quote from Joyce b/c I read positive reviews here first.
Great site!

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