Moving Chronicle-Robbinsville nj to Austin Tx

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Moving Chronicle-Robbinsville nj to Austin Tx

Postby mina184 » Fri May 05, 2006 9:48 am

I used this message board so much in my decision to choose a mover, I feel I certainly owe it's readers my account of my move.

I just moved from Robbinsville, NJ to Austin, Tx. They just made the delivery last night. I ultimately chose Mccollister's to move my home.

See link: ... bbinsville

After I made that post I phoned the salesman from Mccollister's and he confirmed that my estimate was guaranteed not to exceed and emailed me a inventoried list of what he had included. I went with them because of the quality of the service that the salesman stressed coupled with the price.

My next contact with them was when the salesman made a second trip over for the signing of the contract. This was pretty much a nonevent.

After that I received a phone call from my customer service contact who informed me that the price would actually be around $200 less related to a mileage adjustment but also the driver was wondering if he could possibly extend out his window of delivery by one day. I begrudgingly accepted this.

Next--day of the move! The packers arrived promptly despite an early morning thunderstorm and got to work. I found them quick and very efficient. The driver and his helper arrived next and he informed me that he would be unable to drive the truck into the parking lot of my condo and he would have to arrange for a shuttle. :( This was my first disappointment since of of the four salesman that had visited from four different companies he was the first person to relate this to me. So it took a little time for him to arrange for a shuttle, but meantime the packers went about their business. After that, the rest of the day went smoothly. I was the first person on the truck, so I knew it would be a while until I got my things, though the driver thought it would probably be towards the beginning the range of delivery times.

My next contact was when I phoned the driver. It was getting close to the beginning of my dates and I hadn't heard from him so I phoned to see what was going on. He said he had had a delay with another pick up and now my estimated date was looking toward the end of my range of dates.
I should say here that I knew it was going to be towards the end prior to my calling him because I was able from the Mccollister's website enter in my shipment number and name and I could access exactly where the driver was located. As he started driving I found this very reassuring because I could see (usually within the hour) where the driver was located and mark his progress. I really liked this feature!

Anyway, my next contact was when the driver called me to let me know that he could bring my stuff one day earlier than his last estimate if I was available.

On his arrival date, he called to let me know there was a bit of traffic and he was running a little late. When they arrived the promptly got to work and moved all my things off the truck without incident.

So all in all things went pretty smoothly. I would like to note that the salesman emphasized the "red" carpets to protect your home, the padding of the doorways and the professional appearance required of the employees. They did all of those things except the padding of the doorways. Though this did not turn into a problem, it was just something I had expected to see thanks to the salesman. Another thing I would like to add here about Mccollister's is the fact that each packer and the driver all had been in the moving business for an average of around 25 YEARS and most of that was with Mcollister's. So I guess that should say something. Though I haven't unpacked many boxes, none of the large items seem to be damaged.

I guess I would give them a grade of around A-. So I hope this helps some of you out there trying to figure out a move.

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Re: Moving Chronicle-Robbinsville nj to Austin Tx

Postby Diane » Fri May 05, 2006 11:39 am

Thank you for this very detailed report. Despite many good comments on McCollister's on this website, this is our very first actual review! I'll add a summary of it to my remarks on McCollister's in my summary post linked to below. I gather that the truck and driver were from McCollister's and not from the van line (?).

Padding the doorways and padding the furniture when it's still inside the house is something that has been explained to me as desirable these days because some of the drivers have to deal with casual workers who are unskilled.
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