Tampa FL to DC Area / Maryland Move -- Experience

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Tampa FL to DC Area / Maryland Move -- Experience

Postby Anoneemouse » Thu May 11, 2006 2:07 pm

I found this website very helpful. So I wanted to share my move experience with you guys.

I moved items from Tampa Florida up to the Washington DC area. Specifically, the burbs in Maryland.

I called three movers down in Tampa:

1. Suddath in Tampa
2. Browning in Lakeland
3. Broadway Express

I went with Broadway Express and liked the service. My experiences with each:

1. Suddath in Tampa: Busy? I called asking to speak about getting a move quote. I got transferred to voice mail of a moving coordinator. The voice mail said to leave a message and they'd call me back. I left a complete message with my name and phone number. I didn't get a call back. After 48 hours, I called back again and again was transferred to voice mail -- of a different person this time. Again left a message. Again no call back. Perhaps the office was unusually busy? But it does seem a bit troubling that I never got a person on the phone -- and this is before they have my stuff!

2. Browning in Lakeland: Nice folks. These folks were very nice on the phone and were very helpful. They were willing to come out within 48 hours to inspect my stuff and give me a quote. I had some scheduling problems so was unable to meet with them.

3. Lastly I called Broadway Express. I only needed 10 linear feet. The price was great. The phone call/email interaction went really well with them. So I decided on the spot (and with the positive feedback from this site) to go with Broadway. Two days before the move, the driver called me to confirm the address and time of pickup in Tampa. He had a bit of truck trouble 24 hours before our scheduled time and called me promptly to explain the problem and reschedule. I appreciated that.

The pickup in Tampa went great.

In Maryland, the dropoff didn't go so well. The dropoff happened at a storage facility -- where my items were going temporarily. The manager of the facility assured me repeateadly that the facility could handle an 18-wheeler. My Broadway Express driver had warned over the phone that some of these managers will say anything to get your storage business. He turned out to be right. Upon arriving at the facility, he looked at the layout of the entrance and parking lot and said his truck ain't getting in there.

After a bit of a standoff. We worked it out with the manager to allow us to unload in the main parking area. It took a few hours. And we had to wheel my items quite a distance to my storage unit. But we got it done.

Summary: Broadway Express staff were thorough and courteous. My items were well packed in the truck. The driver arrived on time and kept me informed of his progress. The price was great. Storage facility managers will say anything to get your business. Instead of dropping off my items in front of the unit, I had to wheel them nearly a 100 yards from the truck. But we got the move done without too much unnecessary drama.

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