Update: Seattle to Florida

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Update: Seattle to Florida

Postby David N » Thu May 11, 2006 3:06 pm

Hi everyone, I apologize for not getting back to y’all sooner. But as you all know, moving is quite an undertaking. I said I’d return for an update on my move, so here I am. :) Thank you Diane, Tim, and company for your help on my investigations of moving companies. I will be sure to refer anyone I meet (that will be moving) to visit this site first!

I chose to move through a United Van Lines agent. The agent’s name was Corporate Moving Systems DOT: 505087 MC: 242241, main office in Kent, Washington. The sales agent I worked with (and who gave me the estimate for my apartment) is named Rex Powell. He was professionally dressed, handled himself in a professional manner, and made sure I knew exactly what I was getting into—without talking down to me—a plus in my book.

The reasons why I didn’t chose one of the other two agents:

Pacific Movers (agent of Wheaton) DOT: 125045 MC: 118494
Guy came in wearing sweatpants (?). And when I hit him with important questions about Wheaton (they are an agent for Wheaton) he couldn’t really answer any of my questions. They had the lowest price though.

Crown Moving Company (agent of Mayflower) DOT: 950081 MC: 407222
The sales representative for this company was very knowledgeable; however, he had this condescending attitude when he was speaking to me, especially, when I started asking him questions—trying to minimize the potential issues that may arise. I would have chose them but when he was calculating the estimate all of a sudden this “service fee” popped up and he didn’t know what it was for, and “assured” me that it would be okay.

Anyway, my driver was Bernie (the guy was 78 years old, but tough as nails). The personal coordinator was Barbara Gaines. She basically answered all my questions from that point on. Bernie didn’t exactly fill all the paperwork out “correctly” but I went on gut instinct by that point because Barbara said he hasn’t had any complaints or anything. They were really careful with my stuff and everything went smooth.

In Florida, Bernie’s radiator went AWOL and the deliver was delayed for two days. United said that it would reimburse my lodging and 50% of my food bills. All I had to do was fax them the note and receipts. So, when I’m 80 or so the reimbursement check will make it’s way into my pocket.

So, Bernie had to pawn our delivery off to Johnny’s Moving Company (No DOT or MC for you sorry)

Do not use Johnny’s moving company. Their workers were very crude, talking and joking about women with me just standing there, thinking I’d participate apparently. I’m a dude, I talk about women, but doing it on the job with a customer--?. How dumb can you be? They scuffed my couch and nearly broke my dresser. We’re moved in now though. Now I have to find a job. Hahhaah.

All in all, United was quick to service me when I needed, and Corporate Moving Systems was quick to service me when I needed also. If you are moving locally in Washington somewhere. I recommend Corporate Moving Systems.

I also transported two vehicles from Seattle, WA to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. After all my research I figured that it was a 50/50 chance that shit would turn out right in the motor vehicle moving business. And you know what it was. I chose DAS and one car arrived 5 days earlier than expected, while the other was 7 days later than expected. Good thing I staggered the shipping dates. Both were in the same condition I sent them, both received car washes when they arrived. I would try Intercity next time, though.

Damn, it’s hot in Florida! Hope all your moving goes well. Bye now!


Re: Update: Seattle to Florida

Postby Guest » Thu May 11, 2006 9:40 pm

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Re: Update: Seattle to Florida

Postby Ruges » Fri May 12, 2006 6:25 pm

what was the abusive post?

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Re: Update: Seattle to Florida

Postby Diane » Fri May 12, 2006 8:02 pm

It was deleted because it was unworthy of the normally sensible person who posted it. "Queen Diane has spoken." :wink:

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