Moved: Charlotte to Portland

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Moved: Charlotte to Portland

Postby plugrad » Thu May 11, 2006 3:27 pm

Hi all! I just wanted to share with you that thanks to this site we just had a great cross-country move. I followed the recommendations about getting a number of estimates and checking the background of each company. We decided to use Berger Allied out of Charlotte, NC for our move to Portland, OR.

Mike, who came to do the estimate, was friendly and helpful. When he left we not only knew what kind of quote we were getting and for how much, but he was also able to give us a clear printout of everything we were moving. Some of the others sent the quote to us a few days later, and missing key pieces of furniture, and another was so hard to read I just chucked it in the trash. When I realized that I forgot to mention a set of china that would need to be packed and shipped, Mike adjusted the quote and got it back to us really quickly.

The movers (Gary and Don) were wonderful! Our things (even the battered stuff left over from college) were carefully wrapped and stored.
We haven't found any dents or scratches on any furniture, and the dish sets they packed got here perfectly. I just couldn't say enough about how friendly and considerate these guys are.

Thanks so much for this site! I learned so much and truly feel like it saved us from getting scammed.

Oh! We also used Coast to Coast to move our pick-up across the country. They were fabulous! We paid less than what we would have if we had used Tn’T or DAS, and the staff and driver were very helpful. It got here without a scratch!

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