Hall-Lane endorsement

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Hall-Lane endorsement

Postby Inquiring guest » Wed May 24, 2006 11:09 am

I know it's long overdue, but I was determined to report my experience of moving my parents' belongings from Long Island, New York to St. Augustine, Florida back in February. This website was a tremendous help in making an informed choice of moving companies. Based on the research I did on the BBB and Safer Web sites, I got 3 estimates: Molloy Brothers in Old Bethpage (Mayflower agent), Avatar in Yaphank (Atlas) and Hall-Lane in Commack (United). All three consultants were professional and pleasant, and all estimates (not GNTE) were within a few hundred dollars of each other. I must say that Chris Noblit (from Avatar) impressed me as the most candid of the three, but in the end, since he wouldn't be driving the truck, I tried to do some more research in order to make a final decision.

I was leaning toward Hall-Lane, but all three seemed acceptable, so I decided to compare the van lines themselves. Looking at the data from the BBB and Safer Web sites, it seemed to me that United generally has the best records overall. I chose Hall-Lane, and that turned out to be a great decision. Here's how it went:

Ralph Schioppa's (the consultant) original estimate was within $50 of the final bill.

He delivered about 20 free cartons for the small amount of packing we did ourselves.

We were asked to choose two delivery days within a 3-7 day period from loading day. The SAME truck with the SAME driver showed up in Florida on the FIRST day of our choice.

The packing and moving crews were on time, fast, and did a fantastic job. I think we had about 6,000 lbs worth of stuff, including quite a bit of china and fragile antiques. The only casualties were some damage to a large bookcase unit that the guys couldn't fit into the elevator in Florida and had to carry up 3 flights of stairs, and a small piece broken off a corner of the china closet. A wall shelf was missing, but was quickly tracked down and eventually delivered.

I had been dreading this move, but it couldn't have turned out better. I recommend Hall-Lane to anyone moving interstate from Long Island.

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Re: Hall-Lane endorsement

Postby Diane » Tue May 30, 2006 1:27 am

Thanks so much for posting this. For those interested in the background, this is your prior thread - http://www.movingscam.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7079

I'm particularly glad to have this good review because someone recently had a not-so-good experience with a move booked by Hall-Lane to CA (the United driver was the problem). This balances things out.

It's also nice to read such good remarks about Chris Noblit, who is an occasional contributor here.
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