Chipman Relocations (Sacramento, CA Local Move)

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Chipman Relocations (Sacramento, CA Local Move)

Postby California Bound » Fri May 26, 2006 12:46 pm

Ug, another move. Has it really been three years since the last one?

My wife and I are moving locally in the Sacramento area. Based on research and quotes, we're leaning toward Chipman Relocations, a United Agent with offices in Sacramento and the Bay Area. Although there hasn't been too much written on this board about them, what little has been said sounds positive. They seem to be reputable, and check out with both the CA PUC and the local BBB (for what it's worth). In addition, we were really pleased with the consultant who prepared our estimate, and received a clear written, NTE estimate that is in our price range.

Is there anyone who has experience with Chipman but hasn't posted about it? I'd really appreciate hearing about how they performed for other customers, particularly in local moves. Thanks!

California Bound
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Re: Chipman Relocations (Sacramento, CA Local Move)

Postby California Bound » Mon Jun 26, 2006 4:38 pm

Okay, so I'm having a bit of a conversation with myself here, but figured this would be useful information for others moving from and within the Sacramento Area.

My wife and I just completed a local move with Chipman Relocations (United agent) and were very satisfied. This wasn't a long move, but any moving experience has the possibility of causing major stress, and I'm happy to say this one went smoothly.

We obtained two estimates from Sacramento companies that had good feeback on this board: Chipman and California Moving Systems (Atlas agent). Both sent really good estimators that took their time to explain everything to us carefully about how the move would work, insurance options, etc. California Moving Systems even recommended that we do research on this site to check up on other movers we might be considering, so word must be getting around about Both movers estimated the weight of our load at about the same amount (6500 lbs) and provided NTE estimates. California Moving Systems was considerably more expensive - over 1.5X higher than Chipman's quote. Since both companies seemed to be pretty capable, we went with Chipman.

Chipman did a really good job. They called us several times before the move to confirm that our packing was going as planned, to answer any questions we had, and to set the arrival time for their moving team. On the move day, the guys arrived early and had the truck packed faster than expected. Unloading was uneventful, and the team was finished really early, knocking almost 20% off the estimated price of our move. Their staff was professional, even patient with us when we made them rearrange one room's furniture several times (!) until we had it the way we wanted it. I was particularly impressed at how quickly they worked. After dropping items off in the house, the guys typically would jog back to the truck, despite the fact that they were way ahead of schedule and could have slowed down without exceeding the estimated time for our move. Basically, they worked a little harder and saved us money, which is the opposite of how it often is. Since the move, Chipman has followed up with us to make sure nothing was damaged and to confirm the move went well. We're pleased with the move, and we told them so.

This was a short, local move, so I can't comment on Chipman's capabilities for bigger interstate jobs. However, based on our experience, they will be at the top of our list if we move again anytime soon. Thanks to the team at for providing us with initial leads for good movers in the Sacramento area.


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Re: Chipman Relocations (Sacramento, CA Local Move)

Postby Diane » Mon Jun 26, 2006 4:49 pm

Thanks so much for posting this. Someone is trying to decide right now whether to use Chipman, so this will help. I will add your comments to my summary post on Sacramento movers.

If you want to post a few more details, I would be interested to know how much you paid Chipman, how many miles the move was, and the names of the estimators for both companies (since you said both were good), just to give them some recognition.
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Re: Chipman Relocations (Sacramento, CA Local Move)

Postby BigLeeCalif » Mon Jun 26, 2006 7:34 pm

Since I am a former employee of Chipman, I can say that the Sacramento office is one of that has a quality reputation, and is the center of the Chipman I.T. department.

The General Manager Jim Weiant, is also a Vice President of the Company, and runs an efficient operation.

As far as I can remember, Jim stressed a 10% variance in plus or minus efficiency on sales estimates, so estimates are reviewed after the move for accuracy and hidden issues that come up.

I know it's not acceptable company policy to bump an estimate by $1000. For that much of a variance, the sales person would stress non binding.

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