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Ryan Moving and Storage

Postby Move1000 » Wed Jun 07, 2006 8:58 pm

Hello Folks,

I am posting below my experience with Ryan Moving and Storage of Irwin, PA. I have not moved with them yet but have had a moving consultant come to my place and give me an estimate. If anyone has moved with them, please post your comments in reply to this message. Ryan moving and storage is an agent for Allied Van Lines.

The agent came promptly on time and she provided me with a card. She brought with her a scanner to scan off barcodes as she walked around my place. As we walked from room to room, she asked detailed questions about various items. At the end she provided me with a printed estimate that she signed. I asked for a GNTE estimate and she provided that.

She gave me a copy of the R&R booklet and several other booklets with tips etc for moving. Since I want my good to be packed by them, she said that their people would be coming a day earlier to pack goods (save the beds, coffee pot etc so we can sleep on the last night here and have breakfast the next morning). She said that the same crew that will pack will be the one that will be loading the truck the next day and the same driver will be available at unload times. My move is under 400 miles. It felt good to hear that the same person would be available at unload time. I asked for specific dates in July and she said that would not be a problem. The truck will be an Allied truck and she mentioned that it would be a large tractor trailer.

My weight on my stuff (including a compact size car that I also have them moving) was ~ 11000 lbs (2200 lbs was the weight of the car). I have a 2 bedroom apartment with many books and ample furniture. I added $60K full value insurance for ~$540. The full cost of all this per her estimate was slightly under $7000. I felt this was pricey so I'm asking if members and readers can post what they feel about this price. The price includes all packing, moving, car moving, unpacking big items only (she said that they would not unpack smaller items like dishes, paintings etc but they would put together furniture and larger items like beds). I asked about references and she said she would get back to me with references.

One important thing. She said they will take a credit card but that it would be charged for the full amount *before* the move. She said due to Allied's policy, she could not do it any other way. This I do not feel very comfortable with since I will be prepaying for everything.

I feel that the weight she has quoted is likely higher than what it actually is. Has anyone done the tare and gross weight checks for their movers?

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Re: Ryan Moving and Storage

Postby Diane » Wed Jun 07, 2006 11:27 pm

Hi - first, I don't know anything about this particular Allied agent. There was a Ryan Moving and Storage that was an Allied agent in Maryland but it went out of business and its assets were taken over by Hampden (Mayflower). It seems kind of odd to me that the Ryan in PA would still be in business but the Ryan in MD would not. If you want, "PMueller" could probably give you some insight into the company since she works for Allied.

Regarding the procedures being followed, everything seems on the up and up. It's completely normal for your credit card to be charged prior to the actual move.

Regarding the type of quote you have, be sure it is actually a GNTE. In the Allied system this would be called a TPG (Total Price Guarantee) quote with GRR (Guaranteed Rate Reduction). If the paperwork doesn't say GRR then what you have is a TPG or Binding quote where your price won't go up or down regardless of what the weight is.

Regarding the cost, it does seem high to me for a 400-mile move of a 2BR plus a car. 9000 pounds seems quite high for a 2BR. To get the price down, could you just drive your car the 400 miles or get someone else to do so? It's very expensive to ship cars on a moving company trailer and I would expect that without the car you might pay $2000 less. You could ask them for a quote minus the car. However, even if the weight estimate is way high, as long as you have that GRR feature your cost will go down if the weight is less. You have a right to view the weighing if you want but I am not an expert on how to do this.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Ryan Moving and Storage

Postby moverjim » Thu Jun 08, 2006 9:25 am

Get a separate quote from a local tow company to move your auto 400 miles. Off the raod on a tilt-bed truck or car carrier.
Ask the Allied estimator for the cost of your move without the auto.

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