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Handle With Care -- Ann Arbor

Postby deliotb » Sat Jun 17, 2006 11:27 pm

I hired Handle With Care to move from Ann Arbor to New York. HWC's estimate was about 20% lower than the lowest competing estimate (I got four), for the same weight estimates. Everyone estimated about 3,000 lbs, but it turned out to be 5,000. I forgot to tell the estimator about some tire and wheels in the garage, and he could have used this as an excuse to try to rip us off, and get out of his "not to exceed" estimate. Instead, quite reasonably, he just added $100 to the $2,500 bill (it was more than it would have been otherwise because it involved a few weeks of storage, and a move to two different locations in New York). The movers were pleasant, though they did not speak English well. One potentially disturbing aspect of the move is that HWC did not do an inventory as they loaded our stuff, but only counted the boxes as they unloaded into storage (we weren't there, but could have been). But everything showed up where it was supposed to, and because it's a small company, our stuff went directly from AA to NYC on one truck. No local movers we didn't know, two of the same fellows from AA drove the truck and moved us into NYC.

All in all, HWC was an absolute pleasure to deal with; very nice (the moving men, the estimator, the woman who answers the telephone, etc), friendly, and quite a bargain. If we had lots of valuable stuff, the inventory policy would have disturbed me, so I would ask about this before using them for a larger move. Overally, highly recommended.

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Re: Handle With Care -- Ann Arbor

Postby Diane » Sun Jun 18, 2006 2:25 pm

Here is information about the company as listed with the BBB:

4646 Freedom Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Original Business
Start Date:
Principal: Ray Astani, Owner
Local Phone Number: (734) 677-2000
Date Joined BBB: 8/4/2000
TOB Classification: Movers
Web Site URL(s): http://www.handlewithcaremovers.com

4 complaints with the BBB over the past 36 months.

From www.safersys.org:
MC #359936
7 trucks, 5 drivers
Interstate licensing authority since 1999 with a brief revocation in 2003.

Registered as a corporation in Michigan - legal name AMR Industries, Inc.

Looks OK to me - I'll add your review to my summary post on Michigan.

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Re: Handle With Care -- Ann Arbor

Postby jamesrth » Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:26 am

My wife and I used Handle With Care to move us from Royal Oak, Michigan to Dallas, Texas. The pick-up job was great, but the drop-off job was a mess. They damaged a king size and queen size mattress by unwrapping it at the truck and dragging it on the ground through a parking structure. :evil: They also dropped both pieces of an all wood entertainment center down a flight of concrete stairs. My wife saw it as it happened. To make things worse they tried to hide a set of small wooden tables that my wife and I received as a wedding gift out on the porch with the door shut and the blind closed. :evil: They hide the TV they damage in a room with the boxes, the boxes were stacked around it and on top of the damage TV. Our washing machine would not allow water to come through either after the move. My wife did a load of laundry the night before the move and it work perfectly fine then. To make things worse the men when into the office of the complex we were moving into and they were cursing at the office people.

They did not give us all the information required by DOT prior to moving us. :evil:

Ray the owner would not give us the claim form until we sent him pictures of the damage. We sent his the pictures of the damage and then received the claim form. We purchased actual cash value insurance from him. We moved on March 3, 2009 and arrived in Texas March 5th, 2009. He will not give us the claim number or insurance information at all. We have requested it several time. :evil:

Ray has been very mean and nasty to my wife and I. My wife had told him that he is making like he wants us to sue him. :evil: :evil: He said, "fine if you want to come to Michigan to sue me you can." My wife told him that the damage was done here so he would have to come here. He said, " That's fine, I'll enjoy my stay in Dallas. He has been nasty up to the point I told him that I was going to make a website about how his company handles with care and that I would put his emails to us on there. He has not responded much since other then saying he his sending us information through certified mail. What we receives was just something he typed up on how much he thinks things are worth paying for. He wants to give us just over 500 after a 250 deductible.

I have asked Ray to give my wife and the complex a written apology twice by email and he still has not done so. :evil:

Ray wants to put water and chemicals on our mattresses. My wife is allergic to a variety of chemicals and trace metals and we both informed Ray of this by email. We also do not want mildew or mold to grow do to water or moisture added to the mattresses and informed Ray of this.

We did contact the BBB and submit a complaint. Ray responded by out right lying about the situation. He said his men pointed out the damage to us when they did not We pointed it out to his guy and asked several times before his guy left for a claim form which he did not have on hand. :evil: :evil:


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Re: Handle With Care -- Ann Arbor

Postby farrah7031 » Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:23 pm

Did you note the damage on the tv and washer/dryer on the form before the driver left? If not, you may be out of luck.

Here's the information to the insurance company, if they don't send you a claim form, you can contact them correctly:

Address: 1400 AMERAN LANE TI-18
Telephone: (800) 821 - 4635
Fax: (410) 261 - 7955
Policy: #9222808

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Re: **Handle With Care -- Ann Arbor

Postby hwcmd » Wed Jun 24, 2009 3:15 pm

Handle With Care offered the customer a settlement based on a third party inspection firm's loss and damaged report, as well as the valuation the customer had chosen. The customer was also offered mediation through the BBB. The customer refused all offers. The customer abused the valuation coverage chosen. Handle with Care offered to repair damaged items, but the customer chose not to accept the offer. Handle With Care would be happy to provide all supporting documentation to prove the validity of our claim.

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Re: **Handle With Care -- Ann Arbor

Postby hwcmd » Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:05 am

Handle With Care Moving would be pleased to offer any and all information needed to recommend the nullification of this review as all information provided by Mrs. Thompson has been reviewed and dismissed in a court of law in Dallas, TX in October, 2010. We have repeatedly tried to mediate this claim as her information is false.

She did file a lawsuit in Dallas, TX where her case was dismissed against Handle With Care as she did not have any evidence to back up her claims. We are asking for this review to be removed as it is malicious and uses false facts to make a bad mark against our company. We have many pieces of evidence and the dismissal paperwork that we can fax and/or email in order for this review to be taken down. Please direct questions to Ray Astani at info@hwcmd.com.

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Re: Handle With Care -- Ann Arbor

Postby Diane » Wed Nov 03, 2010 10:38 am

This website's general policy is not to remove complaints but also to leave up responses such as yours. Consumers can then draw their own conclusions and/or contact you for further information.

We have updated your Superlist listing to reflect your new website and your A+ BBB rating with only one complaint (resolved) over the past 36 months. That is a good record. This customer's complaint does not appear on the Superlist although there is a link there to this thread. We note that your company also has several reviews (some filtered) on Yelp.com. We also note that your company has only 1 complaint - from 2009 - on www.protectyourmove.gov (probably this customer). That is also good.
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