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Sue B.

ASAP Vanlines

Postby Sue B. » Wed Jul 05, 2006 12:08 pm

Hey I think this site is a great idea. I recently used ASAP Vanlines to move from Chicago to California...and it was a bad decision on my part. I thought I did the research, checking with the BBB and so on, but obviously that wasn't enough. On the day of the move three guys showed up at my apartment in a white rental truck, with a peice of paper taped to the side of the door with ASAP Vanlines written in black marker. The guys did a good job with the packing, and were pretty fast. It was once my things reached California that it went bad. The guys that showed up on this end were very unprofessional, and were banging my things around as they moved them into my apartment. Once I unpacked, I realized that there were several items missing from my boxes. :cry: I just wanted to let people know that in my own personnal experience they should be careful with this company, and that I don't recommend them in any way.

Not Happy

Re: ASAP Vanlines

Postby Not Happy » Thu Aug 03, 2006 10:51 pm


I hired ASAP Van Lines (July, 2006) because they gave me a reasonable price, and I didn't find negative comments about this company. Unfortunately, I saw this post 2 days before my move and decided to keep my fingers crossed. BAD IDEA!!!

They came to my place in IL on an Enterprise rental truck with MC# written on cardboard stuck to the door. It was shady, but the movers were fast and quite nice. 2 weeks later, I received my stuff in MA, just to find out that my mattress and dining table were badly damaged. They didn't take out any stuff, but the mattress looked like they beat the heck for no reason, and the table just had to go down the trashchute. The combined damage on my end was about $5000 without additional insurance. This company is pretty new and that's why there are not many scam news about this company.

Bottomline is... don't take this company if you have any valuables. They will throw this stuff around. They load and unload your stuff at least 5 times between their movers and their contractors, and that's where the damage occurs. I put BIG fragile signs all over the boxes, and half of my glass stuff was broken. These guys seriously needs to improve their service. They will talk you into having good standing with BBB, and that does not mean anything.

Pay more and get your stuff safe. I heard a lot of good review about ABF. Go with them. I will pay you guys to avoid this company.


Re: ASAP Vanlines

Postby Guest » Mon Aug 14, 2006 5:11 pm

Moving Company: Client:
ASAP Van Lines Anna Armendariz
4350 Oakton 3811 N Western Ave
Skokie, IL 60076 Apt 2F
Phone: 847-675-5817 Chicago, IL 60618
Fax: 847-675-5848 Phone: 773-401-3229 Work: 312-240-4076

Attention: Manager: Mr. Eyal Tuval
ASAP Van Lines

Date/Time of Move: August 5, 2006; arrival between 8 – 10am
-actual arrival time of 10am

During the week of August 1, 2006, I received a voicemail and e-mail which promoted ASAP’s promotional moving rate of 3 guys and a truck for 3.5 hours for $297.50.

I called on 7/31/06 to make a moving reservation for 8/5/06 with an arrival time from 8 – 10am.

Upon arrival the foreman (as he described himself) walked through the apartment and surveyed the apartment contents to be moved. He then discussed the details of the contract with me. He also showed me a list of extra fees for packing materials, i.e. tape, boxes. All of my possessions were already packed in boxes so I didn’t see a need to have the movers do any additional packing on my behalf. I also stated that I did not want anything wrapped, i.e. the couch. The foreman agreed to move all of my possessions without any additional packing, so that I would not incur additional fees above the original estimate.

The foreman then stated that I had a large number of possessions and in order to get it done in 4 – 6 hours, he would need a 4th guy. I wanted the move to be as short as possible, because I wanted to stay with the original promotional rate-so I agreed to his suggestion of adding a guy for $20 extra. This changed the hourly rate from $85 an hour to $105 and hour. [FYI: The 4th mover never arrived at the apartment and never moved anything. I should therefore not be charge for him.]

Upon completion of the review of the contract, insurance and extra fees, I was asked to initial each of the above documents. The foreman stated that he would give me a copy of the documents that I was initialing upon completion of the service. I never received a copy of the additional documents-only the bill.

The movers then proceeded to load the truck with my possessions. About 45 – 60 minutes into the move, I realized that 1 and/or all 3 of the movers would disappear from the apartment and not be moving anything. When I looked out my front window, I could see that the movers were taking smoking breaks. I thought that this was a little odd, because I hired and prepaid them for 3.5 hours and expected them to work the entire 3.5 hours. No one mentioned anything to me about breaks.

After the smoking break, which was approximately 15 minutes later, I again looked out the window and noticed that the one of the movers was talking to passerbys. At this point, I went outside to the moving truck in order to obtain my tool kit (I was trying to take my treadmill apart, in order to make it easier for the movers). I asked the individual in the truck if he had already packed my toolkit and he ignored me and continued to talk to a female passerby in which he was either giving and/or receiving a phone number. Upon completion of his conversation with the female passerby, the mover asked me if I needed anything. I said that I was looking for the toolkit. He quickly glanced at the items in the truck and said that he had no idea where it would be. I then told him to “forget it.”

When I returned to the apartment I asked the foreman, “How long are your breaks?” He said, “Just a couple of minutes” and then walked out of the apartment and down to the moving truck.

When the foreman returned the apartment, I was in kitchen getting items ready to be moved-as I had been doing during their entire visit. He walked over to me and I could tell that he wanted to start an argument with me. In a sarcastic way, he said, “Why did you want to know how long the breaks are?” I said, “That’s none of your business.”

The foreman then began screaming and shouting at me in a verbally abusive way. Among other things, he said:
• That I was a “smartass” and that he has to stick up for his guys.
• That he did not overwork his employees by not giving them a break.
• That he was actually being generous to me by not letting his employees take a lunch, like other companies do.
• That his crew could move my possessions out of the apartment a lot faster than “you and your boyfriend can.”[My brother briefly stopped by the apartment to drop off some containers] My response was: “He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my brother.”
• “I wasn’t going to charge you for the packing materials, but now I am”

During this verbally abusive episode, I just stood there in my kitchen. I couldn’t move, was shaking and on the verge of tears because the foreman had intimidated me. I have never been treated this way in my entire life and as a result I had no idea how to handle the situation. In addition, all of the windows and doors to my apartment were open; and all of my neighbors could hear the extremely embarrassing episode.

The foreman then shouted to his employees that they now must wrap and/or pack up everything according to Company policy. At this point, I was both scared and confused because he had already made a verbal agreement to me stating that he wasn’t going to charge me for packing materials. Earlier I had mentioned to him that I was on a budget, so that was why I was trying to keep the costs down. He was visibly angry and was now trying to make this move as expensive as possible.

The 3 movers then left the apartment and went to the moving truck for a couple of minutes. When one of the movers returned I said, “Nothing else is to be moved. Whatever is already in the truck, is what’s being moved to the new apartment.” At this point, only half of my possessions had been moved to the moving truck and I knew that I would have to move the rest of the contents on my own.

The employee relayed my statement to the foreman and the foreman returned to the apartment to tell me that:
• I would have to pay the bill before he would agree to unload the truck.
• I said fine, so he left to go calculate my bill.

I waited in the apartment for half an hour for the foreman to return with my bill, as he had told me he would be doing. When he didn’t return, I looked out the window and noticed that the moving truck was gone. At this point, I was dialing the police department because I thought that the movers had just stolen all of my possessions. Fortunately, an individual from ASAP movers called me on my cell phone at the exact same time-so I answered your call.

The individual on the phone from ASAP asked me, “What’s the address of your apartment?” I told him that I needed to speak with the manager immediately because I was having major problems with the movers and that they had in fact disappeared with my possessions without giving me any notice. The individual on the phone kept ignoring my request for a manager, and instead, kept asking for my address. I realized that I was getting no where with this individual, so I gave him the address where my possessions were to be delivered. ASAP had the incorrect delivery address on file and apparently, the movers were at the wrong location. I then asked the individual again if I could speak with a manager and he said that no one was around on the weekend.

I immediately called for a cab, so that I could head over to the new apartment ASAP. Previous to this, I had mentioned to the foreman that I did not have a car. He said that that was not a problem, because someone would just have to be at the new apartment upon completion of the job-for payment. Therefore, I could just walk over to the delivery location-it was only 1.5 miles away.

Upon arrival at the new apartment, I saw that the movers were waiting in the truck, in front of my apartment. I said, “You know you could have told me that you were leaving and heading over to the delivery location.” The movers just ignored me and said nothing, so I proceeded to unlock all of the doors to the apartment, so that they could start moving my possessions inside.

When I came back outside, the foreman walked over to me and handed me a bill for $223 and said again that he was not going to move anything until I paid the bill. I quickly glanced at the bill and noticed odd charges-such as a travel charge of $85 an hour, but went ahead and wrote a check for the full amount-so that they could get started.

When I handed the foreman the check, he said that he could not accept a personal check-only a credit card. He said, “How do I know that you’re not going to stop the check?” I was taken aback by this comment, because I pay all my bills in full and have never been late on any type of payment.

I said, “You could have told me [about the credit card requirement] before I wrote the check.” I then relayed to him the conversation that I had with a customer service representative a couple of days before. She had told me that you could only pay via credit card prior to the day of service. This is why I agreed to go head and pay the promotional rate of $297.50 for 3.5 hours via credit card prior to the service date of 8/5/06.

Additionally, while we were discussing the bill, the foreman was not entirely focused on me. He was on his phone, talking to someone else about driving another truck.

I then went inside to obtain the same credit card that I had used to pay the promotional rate. The foreman then stopped me once again and said that he now needed a cash payment instead. This angered me, because the only thing that he was doing was using up my 3.5 hours of moving time. He knew that I did not have a car and that I would have to walk to an atm to obtain his payment.

I then apologized to him for any misunderstanding between us and asked if he could hold the check until I returned with the cash, so that he could go ahead and start moving my possessions into the apartment. He said that he could not do that because by law he must be paid before he could unload the truck. I then said that this was not what he had told me earlier that day-he had said that I only needed to be at the apartment with the payment, upon completion of the job. I also mentioned that I had already paid for 3.5 hours of moving service via credit card, so there should be no reason why he was not willing to start moving my possessions. He replied, “That was just the deposit.” I told him that the deposit was actually $20 to hold the date/time slot-as I had been told by the customer service representative. He said, “Well, that’s one way of looking at it.”

I said “Okay?” and starting walking and looking for an atm in order to obtain the $223. The first atm that I reached had a withdrawal limit of $200, so I called a cab once again and headed to my bank to withdraw $40 to cover the remaining $23. The entire process of obtaining the cash payment took me around 45 minutes. When I returned to the apartment, I handed the foreman the $240, since I didn’t have any change and he proceeded to unload my possessions.

The movers finished unloading the truck at 1:30pm, exactly 3.5 hours from the time that they started-so there should not have been any excess fees. The foreman then gave me the bill showing $223 and said that they finished on time and no additional fees would be incurred. We again discussed the situation and I once again apologized to the foreman and stated that this was the first time that I had hired movers. He once again mentioned that no one gets smart with him or his guys. He did however admit that he does come off as a hothead. He also said something about the fact that he was leaving behind 3 moving boxes and that he only charged me the rental fee. He said that I should be grateful for that after the way I had treated him. He said that he could have charged me the full price of $30 each-even though he chose to use those moving boxes of his own accord in order to make it easier to carry those items for his team.

The movers then proceeded to leave the apartment. After they left, I realized that I had not received the change from my $240 cash payment. When I reviewed the bill more closely, I noticed that the foreman had not even made a notation of my $240 cash payment on the bill. He also didn’t include copies of the other documents that I had signed earlier that day.

I have never experienced such bad customer service in my life. Whatever happened to the customer’s always right??? I think that I was taken advantage of due to the fact that I am a women and I have never hired movers before. In the future, I will never go back to ASAP Van Lines. I was more than willing to compromise with your foreman and even apologized twice if he had misunderstood me-yet he was unwilling to admit that he had done anything wrong. He essentially placed all of the blame for the misunderstanding on me.

As a result of your horrible customer service, I ended up paying $537, not including the costs that I incurred for cab fares and atm fees, and only half of my possessions were moved. Plus, the movers chose to move all of my boxes first, which left all of the heavy items for me, i.e. the couch with a bed in it, the treadmill, exercise bike, refrigerator, television stand, etc. I was forced to rent a U-Haul at a cost of $92.85 in order to complete the move by my move-out deadline.

This week, I unpacked all of my possessions and noticed that at least one box is missing. It contains, at the bare minimum, my 100 gigabite external hardrive, in which I store valuable data. I had been planning on just forgetting the entire horrible and embarrassing ordeal, but now I cannot do that. After a discussion with my financial advisor (last week) he advised me that I should try to resolve this situation with ASAP Van Lines. My biggest concern right now would be the horrible customer service.

In the meantime, I have done and/or am planning on doing the following:
• File a dispute with my credit card company concerning the $297.50 charge on 8/3/06 for your services.
• File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau
• File a complaint to all local newspapers to see if I can obtain some assistance on this matter.
• Submit an insurance claim with my insurance company concerning my missing hardrive.

How are you going to resolve this situation? I would appreciate a call at either my work number or my cell phone number ASAP on this matter.

For your information, I will also be faxing a copy of my bill and/or e-mail confirmation tomorrow morning (8/15/06).

Pat McLaughlin

Re: ASAP Vanlines

Postby Pat McLaughlin » Tue Aug 15, 2006 5:14 am

To guest: You need to contact the Illinois Commerce Commission about your local move experience with ASAP. The ILCC has an on-line complaint form, and they do respond to complaints.

I hope you did have written estimate in advance of the move and you have a copy of the bill of lading that outlines the charges.


Re: ASAP Vanlines

Postby Guest » Tue Aug 15, 2006 12:23 pm

Thanks for the advice-I do have both the estimate and the bill of lading. I will contact the ICC.

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Re: ASAP Vanlines

Postby MusicMom » Sat Aug 26, 2006 9:36 am

Reprinted from the RipOff Report:
ASAP Van Lines
4350 Oakton St
Skokie Illinois U.S.A.

I placed a request for moving quotes with and asked for estimates for a move from Illinois to Tennessee.

I received an email from ASAP movers and the estimate was for free! Needless to say I laughed about it and sent an email accepting their estimate and asked that someone from their office call me to discuss this quote. I received two more estimates from this company all with different prices.

On 8/24/2006, I received a call from Max at ASAP Movers. I told him I was willing to accept his quote to me for a free move and he became irate, accusing me of laughing at him. When I explained that I wasn't laughing at him, he threatened for "Me and my owner to come to your house and have a little fun with you"

I advised this sick individual that I was ending my call and that he should not contact me again. He proceeded to call my house all night calling me one profane name after another. In his attempt to block his number, he was unaware that you cannot block your number when calling a government employee. Very very foolish.

He then used my name to request moving quotes on from Illinois to Nebraska, New York. Would it be safe to say that these people are not entirely familiar with the United States? I have received multiple calls today interrupting my business, from movers trying to move me to Nebraska, New York.

These individuals at this company are sick, twisted, unprofessional and if I were seeking a mover, I would steer as clear of this bunch as I could. My identity has been stolen by them, I have been threatened with rape and they have now been reported to the local police, the FBI and the BBB. Mover beware of what you might get when posting a request for an estimate on the internet!


Re: ASAP Vanlines

Postby TJM » Tue Sep 05, 2006 9:31 pm

I contract to do a move from Illinois to Texas and would not use ASAP Van Lines again or recommend others to do so based upon my experience. I am in the process of claiming compensation and will post my comment when appropriate. Again based upon my experience I would not recommend ASAP Van Lines to any one else and would not use them again


Re: ASAP Vanlines

Postby ASAPvictim » Wed Sep 20, 2006 6:26 pm

I recently(July) used ASAP Vanlines to move from IL to California and ended up losing several boxes. For over 2 months I have been contacting ASAP Van Lines, 1 US 1 Van Lines and CLAIMS Management company and got nothing resolved.

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Re: ASAP Vanlines

Postby MusicMom » Wed Sep 20, 2006 7:37 pm

What exactly has Claims Management said? Have they responded at all, or have they denied or asked for more info?

If you're getting nowhere, you can contact the insurance directly, and elt them know your claims through the company are not being taken seriously.

Cargo Insurance Policy # 277578
Telephone: (202) 986 - 8000
Fax: (202) 986 - 8102


Re: ASAP Vanlines

Postby ASAPvictim » Thu Sep 21, 2006 6:40 pm

Thanks for the info. The Claims Management company denied stating the reason as documents verified and missing items found.

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Re: ASAP Vanlines

Postby MusicMom » Thu Sep 21, 2006 7:34 pm

And Anthem has a document in had where the movers prove they delivered the missing items to you either by mail or truck delivery?

Another ASAP Victim

Re: ASAP Vanlines

Postby Another ASAP Victim » Mon Oct 02, 2006 12:26 pm

Filed on : October 2 2006

Filed against :
ASAP Van Lines Moving & Storage, Inc.
4350 Oakton St Ste 209
Skokie IL 60076-3270

Complaint Description:
I entered into a contract with this moving company and signed paperwork on 09/08/06 to hire them for a local move on 09/30/06. I was supposed to receive a confirmation call on 09/30/06, but did not receive a call. I called ASAP on 09/29/06 to confirm, spoke with Tal, and she did confirm the booking for the following day. The movers were scheduled to arrive between 7-8am on 09/30/06. At 8:20am, I called the company, again at approx 9:15am, and finally at approx 10:15am. Each time the call was routed to an automated voicemail. I left 3 messages and did not get a call back. The movers never showed up, and ASAP has charged my credit card for the move. I am in the process of disputing the payment with my credit card company. I have tried calling ASAP at several phone numbers that are listed online and in our email correspondance, and all of the contact numbers I have are disconnected as of this morning. I chose this moving company based on the fact that they boast that they are "Proud Members of the Better Business Bureau" on their website ( This entire experience is sickening to me.

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Re: ASAP Vanlines

Postby MusicMom » Mon Oct 02, 2006 12:42 pm

Chicago BBB is looking into the disconnected numbers. I tried calling them myself.

BTW- their hold music is really asinine. BBB theme music!


Re: ASAP Vanlines

Postby jessica » Tue Oct 10, 2006 3:53 pm

the only reason why you couldn't get a hold of them is because they moved into a new storage. according to Tal- their local sales representative. i tried to reach them on Oct 1st to confirm my move for oct 3rd ( a local move from des plaines to Chicago).
Their new number is 847-647-1429.


Re: ASAP Vanlines

Postby Infuriated » Thu Nov 02, 2006 4:05 pm

Moving company was scheduled between 12 and 2pm. When I attempted to call ASAP Van lines to confirm I received voicemail. Move was never confirmed. Movers did not arrive until 2:15pm - 15 minutes after scheduled window. I specifically asked for the movers to move plants when I made the reservation. 18 plants are listed on the estimate I received. I was told they could not move plants when the movers arrived. Service was incredibly slow, boxes marked "fragile" were dropped to the floor from a height of a foot or more, dishes were broken and chipped. Furniture was scratched. Movers also took a bed apart to move it and then told me I would be charged extra to have it reassembled. Movers broke the leg off of an antique couch. I was told a dispatcher would call me to resolve the issue. No one called and all numbers for the company are disconnected with no further information available. I was told after the move that I would have to pay in cash by a supervisor over the phone despite the fact that they took my deposit by credit card and never mentioned that I would need over $400 in cash on the day of the move.
I understand that these people have a very difficult job, but I have employed moving companies before and never received such horrible, unsettling service. I submitted a Better Business Bureau claim, which the company replied to with rude comments about the laws that protected them with no mention of their lies or customer service issues.

And finally, the handwritten sign on the truck, flirting, and the fact that I had to go buy them bottled water because they broke or lost all of my glasses didn't help.

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