Seamens Moving-Don't use!!

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Seamens Moving-Don't use!!

Postby minipax1979 » Tue Jul 11, 2006 9:05 pm

I wanted to post this to warn everybody about Seamens Moving. I called them up about a small intrastate move in Connecticut after checking out their website and looking them up on this website. They told me it was no problem to move my stuff from New Haven to a storage unit in West Haven. They sent me an estimate and seemed to be fine. It was an hourly rate, but I figured that for a small local move this wasn't such a big deal. They also wanted me to put down a deposit for the move, but they said I could use the deposit towards the move itself. They did assure me, more than once, that I could cancel the move as late as the day before, and they would not charge me account.

When I asked them about their CT DOT number they assured me that they had a US DOT, and that was fine. They also promised me they would arrive in the morning. I needed a morning move because the storage facility closes at 6, and I wanted to make sure there were no problems moving in.

I called them the Friday before my move (the move was scheduled for a Tuesday) in order to confirm the date and time. A different person from the one I spoke to told me they were coming in the afternoon. When I informed him that the other salesman had told me I would get a morning move, he became aggressive with me, but finally told me that he could give me a morning move, but that the drivers would be coming from Rye, NY instead of Stamford, and I would have to cover the additional travel time. Since I was on a tight schedule, I agreed, although I thought this was somewhat dishonest.

The day before the move, I got a call back from the Connecticut DOT (I had called them the week before to check on Seamens Connecticut DOT license). The employee at the DOT informed me that Seamens had no Connecticut DOT license and thus could not legally do an intrastate move.

I called up Seamens to cancel, and the man on the phone informed me that they would be charging my card. I told him that the original salesman I had spoken too assured me they would not charge my card for a cancellation. He became somewhat abusive on the phone, but eventually gave in and hung up on me.

Seamens may be an okay moving service for interstate moves, and I can't comment about their actual service on the job. However, I encountered nothing but dishonesty from them, and I think people should stay away from them, especially for a move inside of Connecticut because they do not have a Connecticut DOT.


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