ALERT - avoid Secure Movers (FL)

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ALERT - avoid Secure Movers (FL)

Postby Guest » Thu Jul 13, 2006 9:58 am

I am not sure if this would have been a sign to of what was to come, but I just wanted to make people aware of this business and if anyone has ever had an experience like this???
I received several online/phone estimates and one of the ones I called back and spoke with was a Secure Movers in Tampa. I got disconnected (think the guy was on his cell) and preliminary set something up (did not leave cc information). Anyhow after reading and researching some things on this site I felt uneasy and decided to go with another company. I called to cancel and got voicemail so left a message. This was all done well over a week in advance. Next day I receive a call from this mover irate, rude, yelling why I was cancelling and I cost him thousands of dollars in business because he had set that particular day aside for me, did I find someone cheaper, why did I change my mind, on and on...I was appalled. I just calmly said that this in fact helps confirm my decision in going with someone else and thank you. Well he calls back the receptionist at my work, gave her a different name and company to try to get me to answer his call and when I didnt he proceeded to be rude and yell at her. Professional? Just in case someone was considering this company, if this is how they act now I can't imagine how it would have been once they pack up my stuff in their trucks. Unbelievable...

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Re: Secure Movers ??

Postby BigLeeCalif » Thu Jul 13, 2006 11:11 am

I would offer this as a bit of conjecture when it comes to name recognition of moving companies.

In the old days, if Joe Horton decided to open a moving company the name was Horton Moving...

If Bill Francis decided to do the same it might have been Bill's Moving or Francis Moving.

Why? Because in the old days a person and the quality of their business was known through the name. If the owner had his/her name associated with a business, they were staking their reputation on the quality of their work.

Even the big van lines were formed that way, and if you stop and look at the agents in their networks, many of them still have the family names associated with the company name.

Scammers operate exactly the opposite. They try to conjure up names that will cause one to pause... Great Movers, Best Movers, On Time Movers, I'm sure you get the drift. You will see very few with any kind of name that doesn't draw attention.

Name recognition is something we all use when we shop, whether for bread or a car. Would you buy a loaf of bread simply called bread? or a car simply called Giddyup? No. You look for something that has an established track record. Something you know is a quality product.

Let's all stop and take a deep breath, and when we look for a mover, let's stick to those we know are well known, have high quality, and have been around for years.

You might pay a bit more for that quality and good service, but believe me, in the long run it's worth the peace of mind.
"It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt" Mark Twain

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Re: ALERT - avoid Secure Movers (FL)

Postby Diane » Thu Jul 13, 2006 11:17 am

Thanks for posting this. I just took this description of Secure Movers from its listing on, a website known for funneling victims to scammers. It is much more chatty than most such descriptions and gives an idea of the owner's supposed vision for his company. I don't know whether this is the individual who yelled at you, but in any case I'm changing the topic heading to an "ALERT - avoid" to warn others.

Secure Movers wrote:SECURE MOVERS
License IM # 1283
Phone Number 727-209-1361
Toll Free 800-713-7735


Secure Movers is a team of dedicated professionals lead by owner and operator Mickey Fehrenbach.

Mickey and his entrepreneurial spirit were born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mickey's first successful business was a body shop with his brother and business partner Rick Fehrenbach. Mickey moved to Florida in 1982. Before he began his moving company, Mickey worked for several moving companies. He found them unreliable, unskilled and overall dishonest. Mickey decided to open his own moving company based on trust, reliability and skill. His goal is to personally make each customer feel secure with his or her move and refer his business so others can have the same secure feeling.

Mickey's dedication to integrity has enabled Secure Movers to provide safe, secure quality relocation services to all of their customers. Secure Movers is a drug free workplace that provides an on-site workout facility for all employees.

Mickey's team is a dedicated professionally certified team, which prides itself on complete customer satisfaction.

"Treat the customer better than the customer expects to be treated." - Mickey Fehrebach

And with thousands of satisfied customers Mickey has kept his word.

Secure Movers is both Licensed and Insured in the state of Florida. We proudly offer you, our potential customer, the complete access to the public record of our company. It is our ongoing effort to ensure in you our integrity as your next choice when you make your move.

Secure Movers has developed an excellent reputation in the moving industry. We cover all of Florida and long distance moves. We will move you anywhere in the United States.

We have a team of full time employees who are dedicated and experienced movers. Our movers are professional, polite and strive to maintain customer satisfaction. We provide excellent service and reasonable rates.

We offer the customer the best value possible and rely on our customers for repeat and referral customers. As a small business it allows us to maintain close and personal relationships with our staff and customers.

Secure Movers is dedicated to making your next move a comfortable and pleasant experience for all involved, from the beginning to the very end of your move. We understand that moving can be a major event for some and another day for others. That is why we take pride in providing all possible helpful resources to keep our customers informed about expectations during their move. Tampa, FL Local Movers.

Secure Movers feels it is our utmost importance to understand what is to come for our costumer during a move. A good tactical plan is key to a successful, safe move without unexpected incident to occur. This is why we feel it is very important to provide helpful and useful tips to our costumers here on our website so that they have a plan and can carry out that plan with both expectation and success for all involved.

In closing, it is important to point out that safety is Secure Movers main goal during every move. Having vision, insight, and a tactical plan for our costumer will ensure that each and every move is a successful move. - ... rs&z=33601

The company's legal name is Mickey Fehrenbach and it has MC #353219. It is not licensed to move people interstate and according to it is supposed to be moving only general freight, not household goods: ... ing=790832

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